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Through the meadow she softly tread; Her bruised and broken body bled;Careful to weave to and fro, no droplets left behind to show; The path she took for her escape, on the night of her brutal rape;He was passed out drunk once again; and didn't stir as sh...

Memories of an Amnesiac

A story based on a dream that made me cry, this had to be written before I forgot it.

My name is El-My name is E-I don’t know my name. Who am I? More importantly, where am I?Oh.I didn’t quite know what I was doing at the ceremonial event. It was not ‘my kind of scene’. But there I was at the opening credits of the play, formal wear on, in...

Everyone thinks it isme who's to blame for whathappened that night, but allI wanted was a kiss.Innocent fantasies infiltratedmy mind that night--Holding hands on the beach, orsoft loving kisses on each fingerbefore a kiss goodnight and a 'see you tomorrow...

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Lips. They open and say nothing, giggling instead. Then a brain fuzziness. Then nothing. Then a bed and her brain is foggy and she has a migraine. His breath smells of alcohol, wafting into her face from the right. Then she notices a bit of dry blood on t...

---------------------------- This work contains subject matter that some readers may find disturbing. In consideration for our readers who do not wish to encounter this sort of material, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing...

Her Deadly Savior

Sometimes leaving is not an option

Satisfied, he falls asleep Thoughts drifting into dreams Mad as Hell, I lie awake Struggling to bridle my screams Traces of my stolen DNA sheathe his most private places While bleeding cuts and purple bruises defile my most sacred spaces I gently nudge hi...

louis rams · May 9, 2012 the RAPIST she fought back (5/9/12)I was coming home late from a date, and did not lookTo see if anyone was around or was following me.When out of the darkness he jumped outAnd put his hand on my mouth.Then put a knife to my throa...

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(1/23/13) when it comes to rape - I agree for this was something that she did not foresee she wanted to have a normal life, fall in love and become a wife. to have children if and when she decided, and not be afraid or to hide it. she had been raped - bod...