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Her Dance

"Pare ko, this is how I picture you in my mind ..."
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He came early, talked to everyone he knew, danced with the girls he liked, even flirted with some. She arrived late in the evening and didn't know anyone around. Too shy to even start to talk with anyone, she just took a seat in the corner to watch. He, on the other hand, danced the night away, different girls in his arms and laughing with everyone.

He then looked her way, gave her a smile and a wave while walking in her direction. He asked her to dance and held her hand. She looked at his smiling eyes as she placed her hand on his shoulder. He put his arms around her small waist and twirled her in the air. She laughed out loud happily as they danced around and around the dance floor.

Breathlessly, she said, "Lolo, you can put me down now."

"No, I still want to dance with my mischievous little girl." Her grandfather was smiling, looking up at her in his arms.

She whispered, loudly enough to be heard by others. "Lolo, they are looking at my sleeping gown and Mama is staring at me in her big round monster's eyes."

Laughing heartily, he put her down and kissed the top of her head. "Okay little one, back to bed."


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