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Holding Sweet Dee

The bond they share makes beautiful music .....

After I finish the chores, the drudgery that is each day, I prepare for my time with Dee. She is simply the longest, most loving relationship I have ever had and tonight needs to be special. I light candles and turn down the stereo, wanting the mood to be perfect. It is our first time in such a long time. We used to have these little get togethers every day, now they are becoming far to rare for my tastes.

I know it is my fault but lately our time together has just not been there. I mean, we are in the same room, but for so many reasons that take the beauty of the day away we seem to be seperated, and out of reach. As I said, I blame myself, I promised that our special times together would always be there, nothing would ever change that. I didn't really count on life.

After the mood is set, I take my seat on the couch. Then begin fluffing up the pillows for support. After that laying out the tools of the evening. As I pull her onto my lap, my left hand engulfs her neck. I honestly always feel she enjoys this as much as I, but she never tells me. She does make the sweetest sounds as I caress and slide my fingertips along her, pulling her close so she is tucked under my arm. She sits on my lap and we begin. I always like to begin by caressing her, touching her softly, letting her see that no matter what is to come, it is with love and her help that it happens and as always will make us both very happy.

I sit with my arm around her as she is perched on my leg, the warmth transfers from me to her and we share the vibrations of my caresses. I begin to strum my fingers, driving the tempo faster and harder, climbing to a peak, pulling and sliding my fingers, bringing out the best in her, making her sigh and moan as well as occasionally screaming out the delight she feels. My favorite are the quiet lines we play. When we are so in sync that each movement, each slide of my fingers or grip of my palm around her neck brings new expressions of the passion we share. With the simple touches and lingering caresses, as well as the occasional tender slap of my fingertips to bring our time together to a thunderous finish with the feelings flooding over us both making this, like each time we share, an incrediably satisfying experience.         

As always, I recorded what we shared tonight,. Some days I go back through to find special moments that we shared, watching and listening to the music our passion created. I am always amazed that such simple movements can bring such wicked expressions of joy or even deep sorrow from her. I believe each time we share like this our souls become closer, and yes ... Dee has a soul, I feel it every time I touch her. I place her back in her padded stand after wiping her with a very soft cloth and polishing her to remove the smudges my passion left behind. She sits so pretty and the light from the candles makes her glow and sparkle. I think I will treat her to new strings tomorrow.




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