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Jayne at the Sea

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The dull "pop" rings muffled in my ears as Thor's hammer sends my body flying through the air, landing in the dirt near my vehicle.

I try to sit up, ears ringing, as Jonesy bends to shake me. "Ma'am! Ma'am", he says. I see his parched lips move but don't hear the words over the humming in my head. I realize someone has just turned my body inside out as I lean forward, half-slumped over, with one eye failing to open.

The ringing quiets as do the all too familiar sounds of ricochets and metal on metal. My good eye sees Doc Barnes with a tourniquet and an IV, the sun nearly blinding me as I lay down, looking up at the blue sky.

I notice my body becoming colder as my mind drifts to Jayne's sweet face and how she looked the last time we vacationed on the sea. The breeze feels cool on my skin as I hear the ocean waves. Waves that become the sound of a helo's thumping in the distance. Jayne is telling me to sleep now. I am so cold but Jayne is holding my hand, hers feeling so warm. I'll see you at the sea soon, Jayne. I love you.




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