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Little Girl

And this marks when it's time for me to shut up... and go to bed.

"There's probably not a lot you can do."

"Stop worrying, you're doing all you can."

"She's not going to listen to you." 

"She's going to hate you for this."

"She's never going to trust you again."

"You aren't going to get that friendship back."

"Why'd you do that? Just leave her alone."

"Walk away, just walk away."

"It's too much, walk away."

"Just walk away."

"Walk away."

Leave. Anybody else would, why don't you? Why don't you just leave her alone and let her kill herself? Let her starve herself, let her and her girlfriend do what they want. Fuck it. Leave.

But I can't, she's my friend, I care about her... I've got to help all I can, I have to help- even if it's not much, even if it's not visible that it's doing anything. I have to, she's my friend. I'm not leaving.

It's not doing anything, don't you see? This piece of pizza, that stupid quarter of a quesadilla- it's not doing anything! It's not helping her, it's not, and being there? C'mon you naive, stupid little girl, you don't do anything to help her by being there- she doesn't want you there, all she cares about is her girlfriend- a girlfriend who, by the way, hates your guts because you tried to get her more help, because, yes, she needs it. She's not going to listen to you or anyone else, give up. Leave. She doesn't want you there. Leave.

That's not true! And I'm not a stupid little girl, I'm smart damn it! Even the little bits of food, the knowledge that I'm there as a friend, she does care about that, you- you- you bitch!

Aw, you swore, how cute. If you're so smart, then why haven't you figured out that it's not doing anything? That you aren't helping any, hm? Oh, and while we're on the topic of your being or not being smart, if you're so smart, why aren't you passing Calculus?

Pre-Calculus, dumbass. And... and it is doing something, you'll see...

Oh, my apologies, Pre-Calculus then. Wow, that's even more pathetic. Pathetic. Weak. Stupid. Ugly. Naive. Little girl...

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