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EyeOfTheBeholder 3 years ago


Everything is as it should be

Crossings   and remembering a school of fish, calm and lazy, and of wanting their serenity so bad I ALMOST jumped overboard, remembering that everything was as it should have been, … as these thoughts drift through me like forgotte...

meredith 3 years ago

One More

One man's thoughts of a friend gone

I pulled the last olive off the swizzle stick with my teeth and ate it before finishing off my drink. Looking up at the clock it, showed 4:20. It was in the AM, not the afternoon. It had been a long day. “I couldn't even begin to count the number...

fuzzy1954 3 years ago

Did you see me on the bus, At the first stop four run north? I saw you. Did you see us being sworn in, Standing ten rows back? I saw you. Did you see the late night crying, Empty beds in the morning? I saw you. Did you see me...

aussie_kitty77 3 years ago


A few thoughts about relationships.

Each moment we spend together Always means so much Reality showing that shared time Loving affection and heartfelt communication Are a most precious gift.   But what about when things fall apart When actions don’t match words An...

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THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESSI saw her face, a crowded place.I have reached the point in my life where I have to start my journey. Time to stop ‘trying to’ live life and live it for once. With my vision blurred and a problematic iris, I...

In my lazy left hand, I grip the dregs of mercy. I can not see her. I can not call or write her. Oh god, she does not even know the sound of my quivering voice. Yet I have spoken her name twenty times a day for five years.

Tonight,  I vow by the spirals God wove into my fingertips,That if  I am not poet perfect. I shall never write these words again. "I love you, Basil. "I stood in the eclipse of a rainbow. I cried two even tears that t...

Some work is far too real. The grand stuff of usefulness. Can you imagine the right hand of God (atom.)As he wandered the fresh reality and gave it names. What kind of insight and sacred creativity does it take to say this i...

Anonymous 4 years ago

Randy Thoughts is my paperboy. He may just be the smartest person I know. You wouldn’t think that someone as smart as Randy Thoughts would be content delivering newspapers for a living. But you don’t know Randy.Like, one day several months ago....