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my friend paul

a visit from an old friend

Within my family there has always been a constant tie on my mother’s side. Since as far back as we can recall we have been very in tune with spirits and could sense and sometimes see the spirit world. It is because of this that we all have had our share of negative and positive experiences. From my earliest days I have memories of spirits, of creatures, and of the air around me growing still and foreign.

However just as I recall the odd times every so often I get a friendly visitor and most recently of my old friend Paul. It happened quite suddenly as these things often do when within my dream I awoke in my old home sitting in our old comfy chair. To my surprise as I glanced about my surroundings I saw Paul sitting in the chair next to me wearing a subtle smile upon his face. At the time I didn’t entirely recognize him, only the familiar nostalgia of his company. It was at this point that he struck a conversation with me. He explained that he had passed on and that he liked dropping in on old friends from his childhood. We hadn’t seen each other since elementary school and at the time were very big fans of prickle stickers.

Of course as we gently drifted through our reminisces I found myself asking the one question that comes to everyone’s mind. I asked him:

“So as cliché as asking this question is, is there a heaven or hell, where do people go?”

With a cheerful smirk he replied saying that he hadn’t met anyone who had been to either. At the same time he assured me that I was a kind person so he was certain I would be fine.
It was at this point in time that I had a rather amusing idea. I’d seen on TV how various people have tried speaking to the deceased through notepads and other methods so I proposed we talked like that. He frowned a bit replying that he had tried this method with a friend before however there’s no way to be certain that I would in fact be talking to Paul. That he had a friend who nearly ended up in Tokyo due to some wandering spirits prank. While the thought was pretty funny I agreed that we should simply keep in touch within my slumbering mind.

Just as I was about to take a look around our old home I awoke with a clear memory of what had transpired. As I laid in bed reaching for my cell phone to check the time I noticed, it was roughly 3 am.

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