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Spirit Stories


It was haunted. It had to be. How else could it be doing what it was doing, stealing her soul bit by bit? Evil. Sadistic. It was incessant and invasive, convincing her that the world outside was not what it seemed. Pitting her against herself, that was it...


The Lavender Town Dare

A high school kid dares to climb the Lavender Tower at night.

  "Go into the Lavender Tower at night," they said.   "We dare you," they said.   Obviously they'd never had the courage to try it for themselves. For the fourth time the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as something in the cold, dark room flitt...

Fire of Love

One's heart knows things that the mind can't understand.

Their eyes met, she recognized his soul. Giving an impious wink,she turned away. Igniting a spark, deep in his licentious spirit. Knowing that moment,they were meant to dance. An inferno of desire consumed him,he sauntered across the floor. Making his way...

Grandmother please Hear my plea Great spirit Come to me Show me the way Take my hand Give me the strength To understand Give me a sign Make me see I need you help I need you wisdom Your strength and guidance Your loving hand You have never failed me Alway...

As morning light my window breaks  Warm sunbeams dance and wash my face  With fairy fingers fine as lace  My only thought is you  Was it just a dream supposed  Above us moon lit silver rose  As blood red lips firm kisses showed  The needs of our embrace Y...

Benevolent spirit

Haunted by a hungry ghost!

Once again she had awoken late, which was unlike her, and in her dressing gown and slippers, surveyed her living room, surprised at what she saw. It wasn’t as she knew it, and what she was used to. It was different. It was tidy. Margaret Hayes was 65, and...

my friend paul

a visit from an old friend

Within my family there has always been a constant tie on my mother’s side. Since as far back as we can recall we have been very in tune with spirits and could sense and sometimes see the spirit world. It is because of this that we all have had our share o...

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The Door

A flash fiction tale about a derelict house

The heavy oak paneled door was firmly closed, its shiny brass latch securely locked — until she had taken her eyes off it for a moment. She had turned away from the door to return the broom to its cupboard when a gust of wind blew a shower of rustling var...

Life Appreciated

Just how quickly life can be ended.

As I get older, the more I appreciate life.Take the little Chickadee I found today.Once, living life with not too much strife.On its back, still, lifeless, black and grey.It had flown into a window ending verve.Spirit leaving his body in a millisecond. At...


What life's storm destroys, can and will be renewed.

Storm consumedLove vanished.Spirit destroyed.Hopes crushedDreams shatteredDesires Abandoned Heart woundedEmotions perplexedFriends comfortedSupport offeredRefuge advocatedStrength restoredDreams createdDesires restoredHeart mendedEmotions repairedStorm st...