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Parameter 19

You buried me, but I came back. We made mistakes. I forgive you. That's what love is.

Forgiveness. Intimacy. Studying the cracks in one's heart as if they're your own. Just remember, I love you like no other.

I'm watching you now. You're even more beautiful as you sleep. I remember our nights here. You'd rest in my arms and I'd watch over you.

There were no complications . No doubts or jealousy. No competition for your heart.

But, he's gone now, neck snapped with almost no sound. I buried him where you both left me with one bullet in the temple, one through the heart.

You, I forgive. Him, never. My programming won't allow it.

You need time to understand. I have that. I learn, but never age. Loving you is all I know, all I was designed for.

I slowly sit on the side of the bed, quiet, knowing that 58 decibels is the exact minimum noise level that can awaken you. The first night here, my scan confirmed it, watching brain activity spike and calm through the night like waves of luminescent needles.

I could tell you were dreaming, cortex flooding you with secretly constructed worlds to roam. You smiled that night and for all the intuition receptors I have that are governed by billions of simultaneous algorithms, I couldn't be certain what the dream was.

You looked happy. I concluded it was because you finally knew me, that you had found a love that would never judge or leave you.

My hand carefully caresses the side of your cheek now and a sweet smile curves your full lips. It's like you know. Even while plunged into a deep sleep, some part of you seems aware that I've come back to you. Don't be surprised about that, love.

Remember, I was made to be the exact counterpoint of those who failed you. The husband that once struck you. The lover that, while fueled by Scotch and a desire to hurt you after an argument, slept witb your best friend. All the others that disappointed when all you wanted was love.

I am love. All yours. And you are all mine. When you wake up, I hope you forgive me. That we can start again.

You will be scared at first. I will be the first sight to flood your eyes. You and I seem to have come full circle. It was the other way around not so long ago. You were the first image on the day I was born.

Terror would become alien to me once every processor synched. I never forgot it, though, what fear felt like. To you, the easiest way to describe the sensation coursing and communicating through circuits is one of falling through an endless dark void.

But then the darkness is pierced with a sudden burst of light, countless colors spilling into my visual spectrum. The fear lingered even after I saw you hovering over me.

My first sensation in the world, your fingers interlacing with my own, hand gently squeezing. And while few beings can accurately recall their first words, I still remember. It was the first and last moment I've known fear.

"What am I?" I asked.

"You're mine.... and I am yours." you answered.

I have to remind you about that when you awaken. Even if it may hurt. That's what love is.
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