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Routine Training Mission

Tags: flight, crash

A routine training flight goes terribly wrong.

Yogi and Casper had just taken off on a routine training flight.

The weather wasn't perfect that day. Forecast for low lying cloud cover, but it would help in their training.

The two fliers climbed to the designated altitude and formed up to begin their mission. A low level sortie this time, hugging the ground to avoid detection.

Casper called to Yogi to verify the flight plan.

Yogi replied, “Thirty minutes at two-niner-five, then a heading of one-seven-zero should place us on the target run.”

“Roger that.”

The first leg was uneventful. After banking to the left, they were on their final leg. They just had to climb over a ridge and come in for the final run. As they flew, the weather unexpectedly was setting in on them. By the time they got to the ridge, a slight cloud cover obscured the crest.

Beginning their climb into the clouds, the two fliers became tense.

Suddenly, two fast moving and glowing orbs appeared directly in front of them in the mist.

“Break Right, Break Right” Yogi screamed, but it was too late for Casper to react. Yogi only heard the terrifying noise of Casper's crash.

“Ewwww! What was that dad?” Amy said.

Turning on the windshield washers her dad replied, “Probably another Cicada hitting the windshield, I guess.”

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