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Worked in the computer industry since graduating from college in 1969. Retired in 2001. Did most things guys do when they retire. We moved out of our home of 27 years. Remodeled our retirement house. Briefly worked PT at a lumber yard. Built a barn for my tractors and other toys. Wired the barn. Ran out of things to do a couple of years ago. Started surfing the web. I found Story Space and some other sites like it. Decide to give writing a go.

I am married. It has been over forty years and still counting. I keep telling her I have to keep her because I'm too old to break in and train a new wife. We now live in the middle of a sixty acre woods.

Only bad thing right now is that we live in a very very Rural Area. No good High speed options are available here, just dial-up. So be patient with me when communicating. Also, don't be discourage if I don't add you as a friend right off. I need to know someone before adding them as to my list of friends.

In the past I've been a over the road semi-driver, printing press operator in a burlap bag factory, Radio DJ, work in a Drug Store, ran a broach at Dana, Stockmen at GE, worked PT at Sears during college

I been to over 30 of the states in my travels through this life. Mostly for business related reasons. However, when ever vacation time comes around I always seem to return Ocracoke Island. Things a bit slower down there. I've been there so much that I'm treated like one of the locals by the locals. Almost a second home.

Likes: I really like tasteful B&W images the best. Kind of like Ansel Adams . Single malts and twizzlers. Not together though.

Dislikes: Exercising in a gym. I have too much to do here to drive 14 miles to the Y to work up a sweat. For now, here at Story Space, just a few. PNG files when JPEG's will do. Images that are unnecessarily large. 640 by 480 is more than adequate to convey an idea.

PS: That's not me in the Avatar. I'm old, but not that old.....

Too many to mention here, but here are some. Carpentry, Wood Working, Hunting, Shooting, Civil War Re-enacting (I used to do. I got too old), Tinkering with Cars, Photography (I used to use D76 and Omega enlargers), rode a motorcycle for a while. I like Fishing (both fresh and salt), camping, canoeing, sometimes just going for a pointless drive-about is enjoyable.

Favorite Books
Number One Pacific Island,
Fifteen Shards of Glass
My Aunt
The Last Flight
The Iron Brigade

See favorite authors list.

Favorite Authors
Patrick McManus,
Shelby Foote,
Bill Watterson,
Douglas Adams,
P G Woodhouse,
Roger Welsch,
Agatha Christie.

Favorite Movies
The Quiet Man,
High Noon,
Bad Day in Black Rock,
Citizen Kane,
Rear Window,
Young Frankenstein,
Stage Coach (1939),
Dr. Zhivago,
The Old Man and the Sea (1958),
Forbidden Planet,
The Magnificent Seven,
Cheyenne Social Club,
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,
To Catch a Thief,
Arsenic & Old Lace,
Blazing Saddles,
Duct Tape Forever,
The Bucket List,
The Gods Must Be Crazy,

Just name a few

Favorite TV Shows
Top Gear,
Jeeves and Wooster,
Rumpole on the Bailey,
Red Green Show,
Barnwood Builders,
Are you Being Serve,
Last of the Summer Wine
Miss Fisher's Mysteries
The Artful Detective

Favorite Music
Green Onions,
Bobby Horton,
Gettysburg Sound Track,
1st Brigade Band,
Last of the Mohicans,
Drums and Fife,
Celtic music,
Sea Sick Steve,
Sting's Album "Last Ship"

and now I'm into

Big Bands and Swing
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I pulled the last olive off the swizzle stick with my teeth and ate it before finishing off my drink. Looking up at the clock it, showed 4:20. It was in the AM, not the afternoon. It had been a long day. “I couldn't even begin to count the number of peopl...

The Tram

Now she always walks to work.

She always walked to work.   Wearing a good pair of walking shoes, she had her dress flats in a large handbag.   Normally she'd take the tram on days like today.   She doesn't anymore.   Now she puts rubber booties over her sneakers and walks to work.   B...