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Silly Me

Silly Me

Who was I kidding?

Dirty Martini 420 Competition

• No entry fee
• All entries must be new, original work
• One entry per person
• Limit 420 words
• Category must be Micro Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry or Songs
• Tags must include the word 'whatever'
• Submission must include the number 420 in some form (time, date, distance, weight, temperature, length, or whatever) AND one item from EACH of the following lists:
1. Exakta 66 camera, Gibson Les Paul guitar, Albert King album
2. Penguin, potato, bee
3. A letter, a dirty martini, a neon sign

Those are the rules for this story. How am I supposed to meet them, I don’t know. But I am trying to come up with something, anything. How do you write a story with 420 words and an Exakta 66 camera, a penguin and a neon sign in it? I have never been good at creative things to this degree.

Maybe I could write a poem or something. Here lies a penguin being photographed by a person with an Exakta 66 camera that died when neon signs fell on it. No. That will never do. It’s too morbid even for me. Maybe I could try something like this. Did you hear the one about the guy that smashed his Gibson Les Paul guitar trying to kill a bee with it after spending the day drinking one dirty martini after another? Okay, even for me that is a little weird. Well, maybe. A man sits alone at his desk writing a letter while listening to an Albert King album and munching away on a raw potato. Eww. No.

I guess I am just not very good at this writing thing. Maybe I should try painting or stained glass windows or something. Writing stories doesn’t seem like the thing for me. I mean after all, how can you not come up with a story about a potato? A bee is a little harder, but a neon sign and a letter to someone should be easy. Maybe I need to start drinking. I have never tried a dirty martini. Wonder if it is good.

This whole musing over a writing competition is nerve-wracking. Maybe I will try one of those dirty martinis. Perhaps since I play the guitar and love potatoes and writing letters, I might have a chance. Oh, who am I kidding? I have no chance of ever hitting the goal of 420 words about cameras, guitars, albums, penguins, potatoes, bees, letters, dirty martinis, and neon signs.



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