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Solstice: midnight enchantment

Solstice: midnight enchantment

Love me, and decree, I'm Alive, I'm Alive. ~Dirty Angel by Courtney Jenaé

Moonlight edged through the tree branches high overhead, as the wind howled through them bringing a sharp cold slap to her face. Darkness seeped under the canopy far above, shrouding the world in shadow. There was one small flicker of light that illuminated the cover that encased it.

Her fingers grew numb, holding the iron candle holder. A dark blue candle for banishing glowed with enough light to illuminate her pale face, and some life sparkled in her eyes. Mumbled words spilled from frozen lips, the strength of the spell held as much power as her voice.

Hours had passed, as she remained chanting her incantation to save the sick forest from the demons that dwelled there. All the evergreens had died, and the forest became a desolate place that even the Holly King had forsaken on the night his power was at its peak. She took a few breaths letting the magic from a winter solstice night fill and strengthen her.

Her legs felt drained of warmth from standing too long, she wouldn't be able to walk for a while, or at least have any feeling in her feet. As time had passed, he had noticed, as he stood near to watch her. He was just barely concealed in shadows hidden from her, but he had full view of her as she stood with her renewed power and strength. Her pure white cloak draped over her golden hair and cascaded down her shoulders onto the snow coated ground.

He began to understand why on such a night Hades stole his bride the way he had. Seeing a girl so immersed in her own world, like a flower in a field, or a candle in the darkness. He began to approach letting shadows slip away revealing his presence.

The girl didn't notice him as he slipped behind her, "What are you doing, little witch?" Eyes widened and a moment of silence ensued as her breath caught, and words faltered. He reached around to keep the candle from falling as she had undoubtedly dropped it. She spun around and attempted to take a step back, but found herself trapped in his embrace.

"Demon..." She found herself staring into what were supposed to be eyes. While it could see her by other means than sight. "The winter solstice is drawing to a close. I wish to use the strength of magic this night to save this forest."

"To save it from what?"

"From you." The demon paused, the girl's unwavering determination staggered him and made her all the more desirable. He was draining the life and magic from the forest. Little had he known this little witch stood as its guardian. Granted she was not the only one, but it would take her a lot more than her heightened power from a spiritual night like this.

He sighed and thrust out his hand, a white pillar candle appeared wrapped in his hand, one as white as her cloak. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the fast beating pace of her heart. He used the banishing candle to light the white one and wrapped her icy finger around it. He then surrounded her with his tattered black cape so she wouldn't freeze any more than she had.

"Perhaps a more complicated banishing spell would be better than yours," he purred in her ear and recited the words to her as she repeated them out loud. The silence amplified her voice as it rose up stronger than what it sounded before. She felt life and light form around her as though the moonlight had crashed through the darkness and banished it far away.

The spell ended, and the candle had melted down completely. The demon no longer embraced her, no trace of any demonic energy anywhere. Her iron candle holder disappeared, but she looked up and could see the stars peering through the branches.

The demon had banished himself and all the others from the forest. He did that for a girl, he hoped he would meet again under different circumstances at the next winter solstice. He held the iron candle holder in his hand looking into the dying flame that would serve as a reminder of the spell the little witch had unwittingly cast upon him.
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