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Something was outside her new house

Something flew past the bedroom window as Shannon closed it for the night. The dark shape went by quickly, so quickly that Shannon could not really see what it was. Startled, she jumped back. “Probably just a bat or bird,” the young woman muttered as she...

Dolls In The Dark

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought.

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought. She was sure she heard the delicate sounds of pitter-patter across her hardwood floors.  With a shaking hand, she grabbed her phone and prayed to God that nothing had touched her. Emma’s fingers slid silent...

Beyond this window the day is bright, but I'm here, surrounded by only Darkness as I walk in the footsteps of those who judge me-- wearing their ignorant stares and whispered innuendos like a shroud. Watching time decay, heart pounding like a fist hammeri...

I was always scared    I never knew what direction to go in   Fearing what lies ahead and how someone would treat me    Scared of love and passion    It could be from past experiences    Well it is from past experiences but I hate to admit that    I’d lik...


Hiding Under

A song about vampires and vampire killers.

Sweet nevereternal friendwe`ll burn no morethis is not the end Hiding underwe`ll escape the huntHiding underdoing what we want Vampire Never coming out at daythe thirst doesn`t lastlooking for victims preynow we`re cruising past Hiding underwe`ll escape t...

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Another Day, Another Panic Attack

The difficulties of living with anxiety, and how something little can make a huge difference

I was awake at 4am (after dreaming of panicking), worrying about going to Painsburys for 7am (when it tends to be quiet), when it occurred to me that Stressco might already be open! It was, and so I went down there. There were lots of workers doing the on...

The bite of the blade shocked her, as it pierced her tender pale flesh. Hesitation had always ruled this moment, as small droplets of blood beaded across her skin. Tonight, she knew her conviction had wavered for the last time. Darkness had long feasted o...

The Tunnel

It must be quite a long tunnel, he decided as he couldn't see the end, just a blackness

Archibald Horsley was a quiet, unassuming fellow, in fact, he was very shy. Everyone who knew him liked him, but he didn't have any actual friends.At thirty years old, he was unmarried with no children. It wasn't that he had no interest in women, he did,...