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The Adventure of Tank the Turtle

"What kind of adventure"

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It was a beautiful summer day in Wisconsin. The family reunion was in full swing. The adults were sitting around talking as the sun was shining high in the summer sky. The kids were running around the back yard shrieking. They needed to get sunscreen put on.

The adults were sipping lemonade trying to beat the heat  as they  watch the kids jumping in the pool one by one, splashing and having a good time. Andrew was in the shallow end of the pool where he saw a turtle in a red tank top swimming lazily.

He swam up to the Turtle and said, "Hello."

The turtle looked at him and said, "Hello."

They were having a very animated discussion and Andrew's mom just watched and giggled to herself.

The hamburgers that were grilling were finally done and everyone had their plate of food. Andrew and other kids were feeding their lettuce to the turtle they had named Tank. The adults just watched how gentle the turtle was with them.

Andrew asked, "Mommy, can Tank the Turtle stay?"

His mom said, "Yes, Andrew, but he is an outside turtle. He needs to be near the water to survive."

Andrew said, "Okay, can we make him a house?"

Andrew's stepdad appeared with a small dog house that could accommodate the turtle. They played till the sun went down and it was time to go inside.

Andrew said, "Good night, Tank. So glad you are here."

Andrew hugged him good night and scampered inside the house. Tank got settled into his new home and knew he would be taken care of.


Written by DenimAngel
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