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Pool Stories


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 5 My Pool

Better than a cement pond

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 5    My PoolNow most parks or playgrounds didn't have free pony rides, but I could understand that. What I didn't understand, or rather resented, was paying to go swimming. All I had to do was walk down to the creek, slip out of m...

Crazy Girl

Based on a true story.

It was the twentieth anniversary of the First Frame, a bowling alley owned and operated by my dad's cousins.They were the first alley to have automatic pinsetters in the state and the first to expand and add more lanes and a pool room.They were the first...

During the long ride home sleep still escaped Tina so she kept Kat company while she drove and Val slept. "Ya know kid, you have some decisions to make," she started. "Decisions?" "Are you going to keep up at this?" "I was planing too, there will be new p...

The Haunted Harley Part 2

Miranda introduces the Kid.

Miranda felt happier than she had in a long time, she was actually going on a date. Oh she had offers of dates from many of her male co-workers, but had refused them all. Some were married, some asked out of pity and the rest came from males that wanted t...