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The Awakening

The Wolf Dream Trio Part One

Over us loomed the high school, newly built, and the perfect place for a cult to hide and perform their dark rituals without one suspicious eye. Little did we know this particular cult was the one formed by almost every dark world creature: Vampires, Witches, even the living dead. Just not werewolves, they were the only ones with morals apparently.

I looked to my left and right, Kayla stood beside me, Jake on the other side. We entered the school under the pretense we were two witches and a warlock, it was not that hard to fool the guards.

Large stone pillars lined the main hall, wide stairs lead to the main floor a few feet below. Off to the right was one for the four main stairwells, leading up to the second and third floors, it also led to the basement.

I gave a gentle nod to my companions. We knew that when we exposed ourselves, we would have to fight an armada. The many members of the cult went up the stairs to the second floor, where they circled around a wide opening in the hallway in the upper floor.

I heard distant chanting, and a flash of a sickly greenish color erupted from the center of the cult members. Blackish smog replaced the green color as the cult finished summoning their “God.”

"We’re almost too late!” I shouted and took out two knives. I struck down the first monster that was in my way. Others turned around and saw me. They surrounded me instantly.

I smiled at the crowd and then frowned. The other two disappeared on me. With an irritated sigh, I fought off the mob by myself. I held them off for a while, until I saw from the darkness, a large demonic hand emerged. I took that as my cue to escape, plowing through the throng of monsters to the stairwell.

I slid down the railing to the basement floor. On the opposite side from where I stood was a door to the outside. I dashed to it, but something yanked me to the side roughly, as three vampires dashed by.

I turned sharply to see Jake. He had a smile of sharp pointed canine teeth. “Sorry ‘bout this, but we have no other choice.”

"What?” He bit me on the neck, pain seared through me. Then it hit me, “you’re a werewolf.”

Kayla came up to steady me, “I was shocked at first too.”

I turned to the door, the way was clear, but I knew those vampires still looked for us. A deep rumble shook the school. The thing, whatever it was, the ritual to summon it was complete. It was time to run.

I grabbed Kayla’s hand and hauled her out the door, making sure Jake followed us. He sped ahead to take point and took out any resistance to our escaping. I turned around to see a giant creature of darkness. It was three times the size of the school. A clawed hand reached out for us. I turned and ran, Kayla’s hand slipping from mine.

I turned back for her, but the hand snatched her before I could. Jake was suddenly there, pulling me roughly away as I cried out, “KAYLA!”

The creature crushed her in its hand and with a deep rumbling voice, it ordered its cult, “Get her!”

Jake continued to pull and yelled, “Come on, Dani!”
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