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Something was outside her new house

Something flew past the bedroom window as Shannon closed it for the night. The dark shape went by quickly, so quickly that Shannon could not really see what it was. Startled, she jumped back. “Probably just a bat or bird,” the young woman muttered as she...


Shadows and Streets-Chapter 1

A wealthy girl, with an unlikely team, sets out to find her fiancé in New York.

Sarvanez shifted in her chair. The corset pinched into her waist and it was every bit as uncomfortable as it looked. How do the women here wear these every single day? She thought to herself, feeling irritated. Still, in being a good visitor, she had agre...

My Knight

Sometimes all you need is a knight.

There’s a demon insideeating at my soul taking for itself everything I meant to give. Hold me close, never let me go chase away the shadows, he has created I never knew what love could do. The way it heals, and sends my demon fleeing, running for cover. O...


I hope it's creepy enough

You know that feeling creeping up your spine? Cold, wet, shivering, like drinking brine? It makes you weak and buckles your knees, Filled with dread and trying to flee. Walk down the hall almost pitch black, Too scared to run, not daring to look back. Wha...

I can not stay here,caught between dark and lightI want the sun,to feel its heat on my skin.I fears its burn thoughand dont trust it,sunlight fades to easily.Its so hard to be near the lightafter so long in the dark.It hurt my eyes, and soul.So here I am,...

Chasing Shadows

Losing a love.

Chasing all these shadows, My world filled with gloom, I stare into the nothing,That fills this darkened room, I know that you're with me, I can feel you here, You help ease my pain, You take away my fear, I can almost feel your breath, As it flows across...

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The Fallout

The Wolf Dream Trio Part Two

Only a few days passed, I spent the first day screaming and pounding at Jake. He lied to Kayla and me about being a werewolf. I also used that fit of rage to blame him for Kayla’s death. He waited for me to calm down. After that, we stuck together, consta...


The Awakening

The Wolf Dream Trio Part One

Over us loomed the high school, newly built, and the perfect place for a cult to hide and perform their dark rituals without one suspicious eye. Little did we know this particular cult was the one formed by almost every dark world creature: Vampires, Witc...

Shadows slide in this midnight mist,Where the whispers embrace meAnd tendrils of moonlightPlay with my hair.Sleep, cold and heavy,Presses on my heart,And its fingers close my eyelidsAs I wait for the ferryman.A metal tang in the ozone airTeases my tongueA...

Far Beyond Shadows

Words for a Friend

See the past the darkness Let the warmth of color Take your pain away Life is a gift Cherish and treasure it Love every moment Good or Bad Happy or Sad Just breathe, friend Once you learn To accept it The fact as is You will live A better moment Less worr...

If I

Just thoughts

If I were to leave, just disappear As swiftly as the Ocean breeze Would the Stars still shine as bright? If my presence was not felt, unseen, A drifting scent that weaves into a mist Would the voices of Nature still be heard? If the prints I make were to...