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The Feast of All Saints

"I was working late after celebrating the feast of all Saints."

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Except for the guards at the lobby, I was the only one in the building working. All lights were off. The only lights are on my working area. Coffee at my side as I busied myself on the financial reports. They were needed within two days time for the stockholders meeting. All my attentions were focused on the white screen of the computer.

When all of a sudden, it felt chilly and the scent of flowers or candles lingered in my cubicle. Something passed by my peripheral vision and caught my attention. I stopped and looked around, but there was nothing unusual. "Odd," I thought

I turned my attention back to the reports. Thinking the financial statements were finally looking good. All I needed to do was to enter a few more adjustments before printing. They'll just need to be reviewed tomorrow. Engrossed again on the screen, my fingers are busy working on the keyboard entering the last entries.

That mysterious scent still hung in the air. The hair at the back of my neck bristled. I still felt like someone is behind leaning on me. I looked behind me, but nothing was there.

Distracted only momentarily, I finally printed the reports. Gathered them from my printer, I arranged them in a folder for the boss to review tomorrow morning.

In the other cubicle, a chair skidded backward, and the printer turned on. It started printing by itself. My heart rate escalated, beating faster. My legs were shaking, I walked to my boss's office. I placed the folder on his desk.

Returning to my desk, I could hear the printer is still printing. My heart was pumping blood to my scared brain. I detoured to the other cubicle looking at the printer's cable to unplug it, but all of the cables are unplug.

Frightened now, I ran to my desk. I snatched my bag, turned the light out and walked quickly down the hallway.

A cold breeze gnaws at the back of my head. The strong smell of flowers or candles still surrounds me.

All the hair on my skin seems tense up. Not a sound be heard except for a dog howling from afar and the sound of cars speeding in the near highway.

I walked as fast as I could down the hallway to the elevator. My heels were clicking sharply on the hard floor.

I had the feeling that someone was at my back. The hair on the back of my neck prickled again. The air was bone chilling in the closed hallway.

I commanded my feet to walk faster. I feared someone was following me and gaining at every step I took.

My heart was racing faster as I reached the elevator. I frantically pressed the down button. I kept looking around behind me. Nothing there.

The elevator was taking it's time to come. The only lighting I had was a small emergency exit light and the elevator floor lights flickering over of my head.

At last, the ding of the elevator signaled its arrival. The doors opened slowly.

There stood a woman intently looking at me. Her long black hair nearly covering her face. Two bloody red eyes stared back at me. Her lifeless lips formed an evil grin.

"Trick or treat!"

Written by rune
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