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the wires that bind me

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Chapter 3

Funny how wires can hold things together. Things like your arms, your bones, your mouth. She thought of all the times she had been patched up as he liked to put it from her little accidents.

Accidents that no one ever questioned. Until now.

She had made some sit up and notice her. Notice all the accidents she was having. Notice all the times she had gone to the hospital and each time was worse than the one before.

She did not care anymore. No, she did not try to hide the black and blue marks she had when she stopped at the top of the stairs and took off her wrap, so all could see and wonder just what had happened.

She did not care anymore. No, she did not try to hide the fear in her eyes when he came near her, or the way that she shook whenever he said her name.

She did not care anymore. She would take all that he did. Take it and come out on top. She knew he was growing scared. She knew this last hospital stay was the beginning of the end.

She looked at the Dr. as he explained how to use the small scissors.To keep them with her at all time in case she got sick and had to cut the wires.

She knew she would never use them as the others in the room did.

She lay and listened to the Christmas music on the speakers. Remembering how his last words to her kept coming back to her. "A thousand was not enough, Tell and next time you pay with your life."

She did not understand. She had paid a thousand dollars for the boots, they were custom made. They were beautiful. She had gotten her jaw broken for not paying enough for the boots.

 No, she would not tell. She had learned the lessons well.

She had the next six weeks to sit and think of things. She smiled, as she remembered the fear she had seen in his eyes before. It was there and gone in an instant, but she had seen it all the same.

She was learning. She was a lot stronger than he thought she was. She was living in her world and coping in his.

As she settled down to her meal of jello and soup, she thought of the way things in her life had happened. All things happen for a reason, she remembered. Trust and have faith. Yes, things were changing. She was changing. Things would get better.

 She knew she had at least six weeks before another accident would happen.
 That was a lifetime. She smiled yes, a lifetime she thought as she finished her meal.... Her lifetime.

Written by maryruth
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