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You are toxic,Stepping in and out of my life,Treating me as your own personal retreat. All consuming,Taking your fill until there is nothing left,Nothing left but an empty shell,Leaving me to heal,Leaving me to sa...

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Anonymous 6 years ago

To My Sister

To my older sister, Katie

There are times that words cannot describe,These emotions that buzz in my mind.So chaotic and fleeting they can be.So try to open your mind and see.I loved you more than you had known.I the younger sister could not show,Just how mu...

sinful 6 years ago


shard after shard ripping through

Standing on the edge... The brink of nothingness.... Alone... Empty... Hopeless... Unloved... Broken... Shattered... Piece by piece... Floating away... One anguished...

Chapter 3Funny how wires can hold things together. Things like your arms, your bones, your mouth. She thought of all the times she had been patched up as he liked to put it from her little accidents. Accidents that no one ever questioned....

Circle_Something 6 years ago

My New-ish Guitar

Me? I'm just a musing person, you can tell me by the way I write.

I bought a guitar on Friday. This is no ordinary, straight out-of-the-box, ready to play thing. Nope, it’s knackered. I bought a knackered guitar? Why the buggeration? Well, because I wanted the challenge of fixing it up. It has no electronics, no bridge,...