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You Shouldn't Be Here

In a post WW3 world where you are forbidden to go near anyone outside of your own age...

Sabrina walks out of the dining hall after finishing eating quickly, and follows Chad down the hall. As far as everybody else knows, they're both going to their buildings- that would be expected of them- but as far as they both know, they're headed to a club to drink it up and spend time together. Or, well, as far as Sabrina knew that was what they were doing.

Chad had no clue.

She walks a few feet behind him so he can't hear her and no one suspects anything, and watches him as he walks- his muscles flowing underneath his perfect black t-shirt and nicely-fitting dark-wash blue jeans.

He enters the club and she sees Leah- the club "Companion"- come up to him and offer her "company". He kindly declines.

She walks in next, a few feet behind him still, and a guy comes up to her offering the same thing- only in a more... aggressive way.

"No, thanks," she says softly, trying not to draw Chad's attention to her.

Too late.

He turns around right as the guy grabs her wrist about to fling her to the far wall and takes the guy by the shoulders, throwing him away.

"What are you doing here?" Chad asks hurriedly, looking at Sabrina with wide eyes.

"Following you..." she looks down, swallowing, "I needed to... see you." She blinks back the dampness in her eyes and looks back up at him.

"You shouldn't be here- it's not safe," he glares over his shoulder at the guy, "and... if they figure it out-"

"And if they don't? Chad..." she looks into his eyes (which is quite a chore for her, seeing as he's 6'8" and she's 5'6").

"I know."

A song he knows comes on, and he pulls her to the dance floor with him, trying to make her smile with his funky dancing as he wipes away her tears.

"C'mooooon!" he says, pretend-exasperatedly, "Dance with me!"

She giggles and jumps in with him and when the song ends they sit down, holding each other close.

She smiles, pink in the cheeks her sky blue eyes shining, and he grins, hazel eyes full of happiness... until he sees them. Guys in suits- black suits, with the colony logo on them.

"Chad John Wilson III? You need to come with us. You too Sabrina Mae Varlonie."

You shouldn't be here..

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