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Zombies and Nevers: Part One

It's set right before the dividing line of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic...

**Setting: Right before the dividing line of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, meaning that the creatures that were killing during the apocalypse aren't quite dead yet and any other changes that happened haven't yet been fixed or undone, but the human race, what's left of it, is starting to come out of hiding in slow trickles. Testing the waters, if you please, to see if Earth is still able to house us. This is about two hundred years after the apocalypse started, so many of the remaining human race does not know what everything was like Before. This is 2873, in the area where my hometown is now, but where they call The Dead Lands now, because there are possibly a couple crumbly brick and concrete buildings, the rest are piles of rotted wood, recycling glass, and useless, dead electronics. The ground is dirt and sand with little tiny bits of "hard black stuff", telling the story of when those piles of rust used to be cars driving on solid roads. I hope you enjoy.**

They're chasing us. They're everywhere- a big mob of them, surrounding us. I don't know how we'll get away, but I am not going to be food for either the Biters or the Nevers, and neither will the rest of my group.

We rush to the left, then zigzag right and left for a couple miles to lose them. We lose about half of them by the time we land at a strong-looking, rock-like building (brick), shutting the heavy door and locking it on them, leaning heavily against it.

From inside we can hear the scratching and moaning and snarling of the two creatures and we tense every time they bang against the door.

Looking around, I see large things similar to the tunnels, only rather than being round and cramped, they have jagged edges and sharp corners, and have enough room for about four to eight Nevers. At some points, our whole team can walk in a line from one side of the Big Tunnel to the other, and at others we stand in a couple rows.

Hello, newcomer. My name is Shield and I'm the leader of The Millstone Clan's last remaining survivors.

Welcome to the apocalypse. 

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