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The Man In The Blue Suit

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I was just nine years old in June of 1983 where due to illness I had to spend some time in hospital, ensuring I would miss out on the last couple of weeks of school. I was back to my normal self by the time school started back up that September. The illness itself wasn’t all so strange though the circumstances surrounding it were just that… Strange. A lot of my friends who I hadn't seen during the summer, wanted to know what had happened to me and I had a story to tell of why I was ill, and I kinda enjoyed telling this story to my friends.

Indeed, strangeness was to continue from that September on, but it was to be a different kind of strangeness. Was there a link between the illness and what followed? Probably not, I guess I can’t know that for sure.

Anyhow, some of the older kids in the playground during lunch break on one day in particular, only wanted to cause trouble and began to give me a hard time over why did I miss so much school. My friends were gonna stick by me if the bullying got out of control but before anything physical could happen a man in a light blue suit just seemed to appear out of nowhere. He wore a light blue hat and had a darker blue scarf wrapped around his face so all we could really see of him was his eyes and even with that it was easy to tell that he seemed kinda… Lost.

The appearance of this man freaked out all the other kids, who all ran off, I didn't run. He didn't scare me, even when he just seemed to vanish, I still wasn't scared. I don't know where he came from or where he disappeared to but as quickly as he had arrived, he was gone. How strange, in the moment when this figure of blue appeared, and even though I was only nine years old, I felt a compulsion to help him in whatever way I could. As it would turn out, it was he who in actuality had come to my aid.

Back in class after lunch some of the kids in my class told the teacher of this man in a blue suit who just appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared. Behind where we sit in class there was a large window and there is another much smaller window at the front of the class over by the right-hand side of the blackboard, and as the kids were telling of this man, he re-appeared outside this smaller window.

'Teacher, teacher, he's outside the window,' called out one of the boys.

He was looking in as if he were unsure as to where he might be and, as if it were right on cue, the man in the blue suit was gone before the teacher could look.

'Don't be silly,' she said.

I kept to myself and said nothing about this man.

The summer of the following year, a few of us were building a dam through a river not far from where I lived at the time. I slipped and hit my head and went under the water. Being a little bit away from my friends I clearly was in trouble to the point where others might not get to me quick enough, however, I would be pulled out by a man in a light blue suit.

He brought me over to the shore and once I caught my breath this man just simply disappeared. Even though it had been many months since I had last seen him, I knew it was the same guy who appeared at my school, and again I felt the need to do something for him.

It would be quite a few years before I would see this man for a third time. It was actually in November of 1991 when I was to see him again. I was seventeen in 1991. I had been at an event in the city center that went on quite late. There had been plenty of us at this event though I’d be the only one heading back to my hometown once the event came to an end.

There was a lot going on that night, after event stuff that surely would continue until the sun came up. I wasn’t gonna stay around quite that long and when I did begin to make my move it was a little after three in the morning. On the way from one street to another street where I was going to get a taxi home, I was approached by two men neither of whom looked particularly friendly, and just when I thought I was in some serious trouble, the man in the blue suit appeared out of thin air.

The other two men were stunned by his appearance, so I took my opportunity to run and get my taxi home. I didn’t see what may have transpired, I guess he, my blue suit-wearing friend, would simply vanish if he needed to. I was safe and this is surely why he had come. There were to be many more times where this man would appear out of nowhere, each time helping me out of some kind of difficulty before disappearing again.

On my thirtieth birthday which was in 2004, things were about to get even more weird. I came across a suit identical to the one the man who frequently helped me out was wearing, so I couldn't help myself, I had to go try it on. It fit me perfectly and when I wrapped the scarf around my face, I found myself somewhere else.

All of a sudden and as if by magic, I was no longer in a store changing room but rather standing in my old schoolyard surrounded by kids. A lot of these kids looked at me with fear before running off, I guess I had scared them, all but one kid had runoff. The one who didn't run was me, the nine-year-old version of me.

The scarf came loose and was no longer around my face and I suddenly found myself back in the changing room of the store I had discovered the suit within. What the hell was happening? Had that man who had come to my aid so many times actually have been me all along? I bought the suit then and there and couldn't wait to try it on again.

When I got home and after dressing myself in this blue suit I wrapped the scarf around my face and found myself looking in the window of a classroom where a nine-year-old me just so happened to be sitting inside. Yeah, I needed to look inside to prove to myself that this was all real and it was.

Each time I put the suit on I was transported back to a time and place where a younger me needed help, just like the waters I had slipped under and the early hour street incident. I didn't understand how all this was happening, but I really liked it. However earlier this year my adventures in this blue suit were to come to an end.

I was at an ATM machine late one night when a man with a knife approached me demanding that I handed over my money. No sooner had the demand been made when the man in the blue suit arrived.

Of course, this was a future version of myself who again appeared out of nowhere. The man with the knife was knocked unconscious but not before he was able to thrust the knife into the stomach area of the suit. As the other version of me fell to the ground his hat came off causing him to disappear. I called the police and had my attacker arrested.

I knew when I arrived home that the next time I put on the suit that it would bring me back to the whole ATM incident and that I would end up with a knife in my stomach, but I did not dare to think what the consequences would be if I did not go back. So, the only thing I could do was prepare myself for the inevitable.

I rang for an ambulance to come to my house stating that I had been attacked and stabbed; I made sure that my front door was left open for easy access, then on went the suit. It wasn't long before I was back at home lying on the kitchen floor. I spent the next few days recovering in hospital with sixteen stitches in my gut and as for the suit; well, it is ruined, stripped, and covered with blood with the knife having gone through the jacket and shirt. It would be used no more.

There are without a doubt more suits like the one I had. They are out there, I am sure of this, so if you find one, one that holds some magic unique to you then do what you can to look after it, for who knows, maybe one day it may just save your life...


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