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Always obey that little voice..

"Do you have it."
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It has been called many things by different people. Precognitive, ESP, a bad feeling, a premonition and even spidey sense. We have all had the warnings that only we can see in our mind's eye or heard a voice that no one else can. Do you obey them? It can occur when traveling your regular route home and something tells you to take the right that you normally don't take because it takes longer.

You disregard the warning and wind up in a major traffic jam. Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to me more than once before I started obeying these. Almost everyone I know has gotten these warnings.

During my brief first marriage my wife paged me shortly after going on duty. She told me to be real cautious that day as she had a bad feeling that something was going to happen to me. I returned to the station and told the day shift Sergeant that I was sick and went home, better safe than sorry.

My good buddy ' Dr. Radio' was not a believer until an incident happened to him. He was having an affair with a married woman that had been going on for months, and they were both happy. Well it was a normal Friday evening and he was at his lady love's house and they were seated on the couch locked in a lover's embrace when he heard this warning inside his head to turn around, and he did.

There stood his lover's husband holding a baseball bat in a two handed grip and was ready to swing. An accomplished Kung-Fu practitioner, he skillfully disarmed the would be attacker and presented him with a few cracked ribs before he ran out the door.

When I wore the badge I always obeyed these warnings. So here I am assisting the jurisdiction one city over in the search and apprehension of a wanted felon. His father met us in the driveway as we pulled up and informed us that his son was not at home. We didn't tell him that we had gotten a tip that he had just been spotted there.

The family dog was standing next to him and allowed all the officers to pet him and he licked their hands, but my warning voice went off.

"Please put the dog in the house," I requested.

"He won't bother anyone," the owner responded.

I made my request again and the local Sergeant reinforced my request. The dog was put in the house without problems. I stayed on the stoop talking with the owner while the other officers continued the search. The suspect was located hiding in the back of a vehicle covered with a blanket. He was pulled out and he began to resist being arrested.

The friendly dog suddenly became a snarling and growling menace that proceeded to hurl himself at the reinforced screen door. When he thought I wasn't paying attention the owner tried to reach for the handle to let this angry animal out. A baton tap to the top of his hand prevented any such action on his part.

How did I know this was going to happen? I really don't know, but happen it did.

Now the scientific community are pretty divided on the subject of ESP. Some believe it exists while others refute the existence due to lack of evidence. The ones that do not believe are among the same group that believe the full moon has no effect on human behavior.

So where do you stand on the subject?

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