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Bullying a Bully (5)

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Life returned to pretty much normal the next day. Taylor and I were in suspension but still hated each other. My mom still hadn't come home, but I wasn't worried. Bill still came over every morning. Life was life no matter how you looked at it. Or that's at least what it seemed.

"Why the hell did you sit next to me?" I growled.

"I have a matter of importance I wish to discuss with you," Taylor replied cooly.

"Not interested," I snapped. I wasn't about to have my one period of peace ruined by that four-eyed freak.

"It is not what you think, Evan," he said. "I merely wish for us to place our differences aside for the betterment of us both."

"I said not interested."

"My proposition does not affect only you, Evan. Rather, it involves your entire family," he pressed.

"Is your smart-ass head deaf too or are you just stupid?" I snapped.

"Perhaps you do not - or rather, cannot - comprehend the meaning of my argument," Taylor said. "What I offer is a chance at a better life. I would use my influence to help your mother attain the job she so desperately seeks. All I ask of you is to do what I ask when I ask."

"And if I refuse?" I asked, my interest finally piqued.

"Nothing will come of your refusal," he answered. "After all, I am sure you have reason enough to accept."

I gave it some thought for a moment. On the one hand, my mom could get that job she needed and we could finally have the money to pay the bills and maybe have a little extra left over. On the other hand, I would have to be Taylor's slave for probably the rest of my life. That was something I couldn't stand more than being in poverty.

"I'll pass," I finally answered.

"I can tell this is a difficult matter for you right now. However, I would like you to give it some thought and come see me after school," Taylor said. "Do not simply throw this opportunity away, Evan. They do not come around often." Taylor picked up his tray and walked off to throw it away. I looked down at my own and decided I didn't want anymore. Lunch was just about over anyway.

As the rest of the day passed, Taylor's words continued floating around through my mind. I found it impossible to focus on anything as I thought more and more about his offer. A chance at a new life did sound good and mom did need a better job. But the thought of doing whatever Taylor said still didn't sound worth the gains. And yet the more I thought about it, the less and less doing what Taylor said seemed to bother me.

What the hell is wrong with me? Actually considering making a deal with Taylor? I must be losing my mind. But I'd it means I don't have to deal with Bill, I guess I could handle Taylor. There was just one thing left bothering me.

"If I accept, how long would I have to listen to you?"

"Just until the end of our high school careers, after which we shall go our separate ways," Taylor replied.

"And if I decide to bail out before then?" I pushed.

"I doubt you would be so foolish-"

"Answer the question," I cut in.

"Fine," he sighed. "Should you decide to withdraw from the agreement before our graduation, I shall have your mother fired and her reputation destroyed. As for your fathe-"

"He's not my father."

"Then that man who claims the title will be unaffected."

"And if I turn down your offer, nothing will change?"

"Correct," he answered. I hesitated, still not completely sure I was willing to agree to this proposal and yet convinced that any way to help mom was better than Bill.

I remained silent for a moment longer before finally saying, "All right. I accept. But you better hold up your end or you will regret ever existing."

"And I shall," Taylor said, his smug grin returning to his face. "You need only worry about you and your assignments. I shall handle my father as I always have." Taylor walked off, leaving me there to reflect on what I just did. My fate was sealed. For the next three years and whatever's left of this year, I would now be Taylor's personal slave. But in return, my mom would finally get the job she wanted and we would finally be able to live comfortably. Bill would have no reason."

"Evan!" the dreaded voice called. The only thought left in my head was to turn and head back into the school.

"Evan, wait!"

"Fuck off, bastard!" I yelled back

"Evan, this is about your mother," Bill shouted.

"Since when did you ever care about her?" I retorted.


"See ya, bitch," I whispered as I walked into the building. There was one place, where I could go that Bill couldn't follow. At least there I knew I could exist without that annoying bastard.

"Uncle Chris, mind if I come in?" I asked knocking.

"Evan? I thought you'd gone home already," the elder head of security said.

"I was, but I decided to hang out here instead," I answered.

"Well then, have a seat," he said. "Although I'm not sure what you can do here."

"I have homework," I said. The phone rang as I pulled out a textbook. I could almost guess who it was and I motion for Uncle Chris to pretend I wasn't here. He knocked as he picked up the phone.

"Lincoln High School Security. Chris Lomer speaking," he said. "Who?.... Ah, yes.... she is my nephew's husband... Evan? What did he do?" I sighed a breath of relief as I realized that it wasn't Bill.

"Pardon me?" Uncle Chris continued. "Hold on, could you say that again? Where is she now? All right, thank you. I'll be there immediately with Evan." A shiver ran down my spine. Uncle Chris hung up the phone. He stood frozen for several moments. Blood pounded in my ears, the only sound I could hear.

"Grab your stuff," Uncle Chris finally said. "We're going to the hospital."

"What for?" I asked. "Whats going on?"

"Your mother was involved in an accident," he said.

"Be ready. She's in critical condition."

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