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Bullying Stories


The Bat

Could Will really fix his life-shattering mistake?

Will Mitchell leaned against the lockers and stared at Neil Parker. The older boy lay on the floor, his head surrounded by blood. Was Neil dead? Or just unconscious? Will dropped the baseball bat he had used to attack the bully. It hit the floor with a lo...


An Innocent Soul

Think twice before intimidating someone.

She was again bullied by one of her seniors. She came back to her room crying. She was delighted to be a part of that event but had never thought it could turn harsh on her. She started scolding herself and took all the flaws on her own. She felt suffocat...



In the black ball of the sky the weary moon tries to outdo the stars, but it is too much for the ancient fool! The haystacks, like sliced hot dogs sauced in black, blend into the deep grey night, and are recklessly in denial. The wind, though icy, coddles...

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Living life is too painful to keep going What's the point of living life if it just contradicts Society makes rumors about everyone that causes the whole world to be over run by bullies and so much crap that causes people to break down and go in to severe...

Bullying a Bully

Can we let go of the past? Can we go on to the future?

Okay. So let's just say that you were having a crappy day and at school it only seems to get worse. Would you respond violently? Scratch that. Let's pick a target. Okay, so we have a bully - we'll just call him Bundy L. Levy for fun - and a bully always s...


Picture Prompt 1 (With the hand tossing the leaves).

I opened my front door, stepping out of the dusky apartment block hallway into my lounge room, and saw the answering machine flashing wildly. Ten messages. I felt a moment of dread as I wondered how many of the messages were from her. I pressed play... "J...