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Prayer Denied

"Shattered faith."
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Prayer Denied

Kneeling at a marker

was a soldier’s widowed wife

crying condemnation

to the God that took his life.

Gently running fingers

over letters etched in stone,

she wept and whispered softly

that she felt so all alone.

Trapped inside the moment

when he kissed his girl goodbye,

then left her scared and praying

“Dear God, please don’t let him die”.

But sadly, a denial’s

how He answered her request –

lost everything that mattered

at the Holy One’s behest.

Feeling undeserving

of the empty life she faced,

she swore she’d never pray again –

it seemed like such a waste.

Her love for God was jaded

by a future she abhorred –

it wasn’t very likely

that her faith could be restored.

Sleeping right beside him

on the freshly harrowed ground,

she felt another’s presence –

but there was no one else around.

Then suddenly from nowhere,

a beam of light appeared,

and there inside, a figure stood

with long hair and a beard.

His luminescent body

wasn’t solid, but complete,

from the flowing robe and tassels

to the sandals on his feet.

Was not an apparition,

but He wasn’t flesh and bone –

she just stood there in amazement,

like a statue made of stone.

“I know your pain is great my child

and your sense of loss severe –

you think that I abandoned you

and took what you hold dear.

But that’s not how it happened,

not the way it came to be –

I didn’t take your man away,

it’s he who came to me.

He sacrificed his life so he

could save a dozen more,

the best that I could do for him

was to open Heaven’s door.

He’s now amongst the Angels,

in the best place he could be,

but any time you feel the need,

you can speak to him through me.

I know you feel abandoned,

so I’ve left you a surprise –

a son that grows within you,

who will bear familiar eyes.

Always know I listen

to every prayer you send,

though it might not be apparent,

I’ll make it better in the end.”

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