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I'm just an old guy who likes to write rhyming poems - maybe fly a helicopter once in a while.

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Just make it disappear like it's nothing

Vows You said you’d always be there with support through thick or thin, but when I needed shelter, you refused to let me in. I knocked and begged for mercy, so my needs were very clear – I pounded and I pounded, but you still refused to hear. You watched...

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Davey and Goliath

War in Ukraine

Peering just above the berm, her finger on the trigger, she spies a fast-approaching force, more powerful and bigger. Squinting through her rifle sights, she takes a steady bead, while trying hard to focus on the soldiers in the lead. She squeezes off a b...


A message of fear and hope.

Fear You’re scaring me shitless when you speak of your pain, that hurt deep inside that the Doc can’t explain. All they can do is to put you through tests like they did years ago when it formed in your breasts. Mysteries hidden that must be revealed by ra...

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