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I'm just an old guy who likes to write rhyming poems - maybe fly a helicopter once in a while.

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The crowd is getting anxious – then the lights begin to dim, and in the spotlight’s capture, they can see – it’s really him! A true iconic rocker – one that everybody knows, with a fanbase he’s collected from a thousand prior shows. The instruments are wa...

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Just make it disappear like it's nothing

Vows You said you’d always be there with support through thick or thin, but when I needed shelter, you refused to let me in. I knocked and begged for mercy, so my needs were very clear – I pounded and I pounded, but you still refused to hear. You watched...

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Davey and Goliath

War in Ukraine

Peering just above the berm, her finger on the trigger, she spies a fast-approaching force, more powerful and bigger. Squinting through her rifle sights, she takes a steady bead, while trying hard to focus on the soldiers in the lead. She squeezes off a b...