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Snatch A Twin - Chapter Five


After D'amieeh and the girls had breakfest, they enjoyed a little early day shopping. Beings that Dami knew a little more about Paris than the other girls, she showed them around and even took them to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Dami looked at her phone and noticed it was already 5:28pm.

"Alright ladies, I don't know about yall, but I'm getting hungry again," said D'amieeh as she threw her boutique bags in the trunk of her rental.

"I'm with you girl," said Traci, as she slid into the back seat with her bags on her lap.

"I got shot gun this time," yelled Brittney as her and Jamika ran for the front passenger door.

"So what restaurant are we going to? There's so many to pick out here," asked Brit as she scrolled through her phone for nearby places to eat.

D'amieeh ran through a red light, "We're gonna go back to Apollo restaurant in the hotel."

"I know you saw that damn right light girl," yelled Jamika as she strapped on her seatbelt.

"Girl everyone drives crazy here; you just gotta blend in," joked Dami, turning up the music and zipped through a yellow light.

As the girls found a parking spot, Jamika fixed her eyes on a guy with dreadlocks that stepped out of a black Nissan Maxima. He looked familiar to her but couldn't place where. Watching his every move, Mika didn't notice that all the girls were already out of the car.

"Mika, are you coming?" questioned Dami as she tried to follow Mika's eyes to see what she was fixed on.

"Ow damn, I didn't know Y'all got out the car."

"What were you looking at?" asked Brit as they all started walking to the entrance of the hotel.

"Do you see that guy? Right there with the dreadlocks?"

All the girls looked but didn't see who she was pointing at. "Ahh, No. I'm sure we wouldn't miss that. There's not many walking in this hotel with dreadlocks if you know what I mean," joked Traci

Mika grabs D'amieeh and turned her towards the elevators, "Right there. That guy. Don't he look like Regi from Criminalz Crew?"

Dami knew it was Regi when he turned around as the elevator door closed, but didn't want to say so. She knew how crazy Jamika was about him, just like she is about Les Twins. Instead, she dismissed the thought out of Mika's head. "Why would that be Regi? He's probably getting ready for the battle tomorrow."

"Ow yeah. Something that you should be doing," blurted Traci as they all stopped at the door of the Apollo Restaurant. D'amieeh just made a funny face at her remark.

"Bienvenue, dames. Est-ce que d'autres vous ce soir?" asked the waiter before taking them to a table.

"Huh?" Traci looked back at D'amieeh, "The hell he just say?"

Dami gave her friend a little shove, "Ahh, No. Juste nous quatre," she answered, glancing back at Traci, who was throwing funny faces at her.

"Très bien Mademoiselle. Si vous me suivez, je vous amène à votre table."

"What the hell he just say?" questioned Jamika once again as they started following the waiter. All the girls started giggling at Mika's outspokeness.

"Damn it Mika, you are just as crazy as we thought you were," giggled Dami, "The man asked were there anyone else joining us and I said no, then he said very well, for us to follow him to our table. Got'damn it."

The ladies busted out laughing as they all took a seat around the table.

"So what time does the battle start tomorrow? We been stopping you from practice." questioned Brit as she took the menu out of the waiter's hand.

"Nah, we good. I have time to practice later tonight, but right now, it feels good to finally chill with you ladies. Instead of going back and fourth on Google plus and IG." All the ladies agreed.

"Buuut, there is one thing we DIDN'T get to talk about," hinted Brittany as she took a sip out of her water. D'amieeh looked around the table and noticed all the girls were looking dead at her.


"You didn't tell us about your little run-in with Larry," blurted Traci

"Ow YEAH...WHAT THE HELL GIRL! You were holding out info. Now that should have been topic conversation at breakfast," said Brit as she took a bite out of her pain a l'ail (garlic bread).

A smirk appeared on D'amieeh's face as she buried her head in the menu. Not wanting to tell the girls how often she had been running into Larry, but she did remember texting them when she was at the airport.

"I dropped my passport, and I forgot what else, but he was so sweet for running over to give it back to me."

The rest of the ladies forgot about the menu and fixed their eyes on Dami. "Omg, I would of past out. What you say to him? Was Lau with him?" questioned Traci

"No, Lau wasn't with him, and I was too nervous to be asking questions. But he did asked what I was here for. I told him I was here for the Dance Battle," Dami answered still not taking her eyes off the menu

"Ow shit, you know some of the Criminalz are gonna battle. Do you know if you'll be dancing against any of them?" asked Britt

"Who gives a good damn, I want to know bout her and Larry. Something is up, cause you haven't even looked up at us yet. What you hiding girl? Give up the goods." blurted Jamika with her eyes wide, waiting on a response.

"Mika stop," Dami giggled, "Nothing happened. He just asked why was I here and did I have family living here."

"You know that was a perfect time to snatch his tall tiny ass, girl." joked Britt, placing her napkin on her lap.

"Right! So you don't know what we got planned for Les Twins do you?" questioned Traci as she looked over the whole table with a smirk on her face.

D'amieeh busted out laughing, "Wait, so y'all are fareal about snatching up one of the twins?"

"Well, not like grabbing them, duck taping their mouth, legs and hands, but more of a settle approach," explained Britt

Jamika chimed in, "Yeah girl. You see on InstaGram how there's this little joke about snatching a twin? Well, we really want to see if we could make that happen. You know, pulling their interest."

D'amieeh had a blank face, "Yeah, I'm not followin."

"Look, it's all out of fun really," Traci started to explain, "But let's be honest, Laurent and Larry is every woman fantasy right? But they have a certain type that they will only date or should I say, considered beautiful enough to be on their arm. So we was thinking two of us should silently pursue them to open their eyes a little to other type of women out here."

D'amieeh held tight to her laugh. "Everyone have a preference. Their no different. If they want to date mixed, light skinned, or white chicks, WHO CARES!" she couldn't hold her laughter in any longer. "Look at yall. My little double 007 clique. This is on the range of a stalker slash over obsessed you know."

"My darling Dami, we ARE obsessed. That's not the surprising part," said Britt as they all bust out laughing

A French accent voice interrupted the ladies moment, "Quit all dat damn noise."

They all looked behind them and saw Radek walking towards them with Laurent. Traci snapped her head forward and started panting. "OwMyG. Is that Lau walking over here with your cousin D'amieeh?" she questioned right before taking a big gulp of water.

Trying to snap out of the star stuck moment, Dami started pulling on her shirt and smoothing out her hair. "Yes girl, that's Lau."

Brittney jumped up in excitement, "OMG HI LAURENT, HI...HOW ARE YOU?"

The rest of the ladies did the same except D'amieeh. Radek throw the girls a frown but giggled of how they was reacting.

"Well, hello ladies. I'm Dami's cousin..."

"Yeah, yeah, we know who you are," Traci interrupted before wrapping her arms around Laurent

"Aww, dats nice. Thank you, But I would like to hug you back, but you got both my arms. Aaaand you really strong," said Laurent as he tried to wiggle his way free from Traci's death grip. They all started laughing as they took a seat back at the table.

"Hi, Radek. Sorry for Traci's rudeness," said Jamika as she sat between him and Laurent.

"Why you gotta be sitting between them?" blurted Traci

"Why you gotta be grippen Lau up like that? He don't know you," Jamika fired back

"Why you haten?" joked Brittney

"Cause she's a hater," Traci chimed in.

Jamika latched her arms over Lau and Radek's, "But look who's haten now."

Everyone at the table bust out laughing again.

"Wassup girl," said Laurent, looking over at Dami. Who was acting like she wasn't a part of that group.

"Hey, Lau. How are you?"

"Soooo, you feel you ready for dis huh?" he asked while getting his hands smacked by Mika for trying to take her garlic bread. Dami answered him with just a smile.

"I told you last time man, she been read," said Radek, throwing D'amieeh a confident smirk, followed with a head nod and a wink.

"I really hope you are. Der a lot of freestyler veteran dancers in dis," explained Lau while letting Jamika feed him her bread.

"OwMyG, Mika will you stop. Making us look bad," chuckled Britt

Jamika paid her no mind and just stared at Lau. "This my baby," she said leaning in closer to him. Laurent glanced at this woman who was resting her side on his, and started laughing.

"Baby, please. I'm a regular guy, just...stop," asked Lau as he kindly moved her hand off his leg.

"I bet you no practice dis morning," said Radek 

"Of course not. I was with the girls all day."

"You have to practice baby. Dat the only way to do greater den dem," said Lau while he scrolled through his phone. Brittney sat back in her chair and twisted up her lip. Looking straight at Dami as if she picked up a vibe from her. Traci saw the expression on Britt's face and discreetly tapped her.

"What's wrong?" whispered Traci. Brittney shook her head and motioned her to wait.

There were three types of conversation going on at the table as the waiter approach for the ladies order.

"Êtes-vous prêt à commander dames?" asked the waiter as he pulled out a pen from his jacket pocket. They all took a quick look over the menu since they wasn't really paying attention. After five minutes, they gave their order except Jamika.

"Hold on. I still don't know what I really want," she said, still flipping through the menu.

"Et vous messieurs de rejoindre les dames?"

Laurent snatched the menu out Jamika's hand and scanned over it. It only took him 4 seconds to make up his mind. Before saying anything, Lau tapped Radek and pointed to something on the menu. Radek nodded and continued to scroll through his phone.

"Oui, oui... Pourriez-vous ajouter trois ordres de soupe à l'oignon," Laurent requested, smiling at Jamika as he handed the menu to the waiter.

Mika starred at Laurent as if he just lost his mind. "But wait, that was rude Lau. I didn't pick what I wanted," she whined.

"Arrete de pleurnicher. I got'chu, no worries," said Lau, as he pour himself a glass of water.

A huge smile appeared on Mika's face as the rest of the ladies mocked her, "Aww so sweet. He don't even know me and he knows what I like. Thank you Laurent," she said as she moved her chair closer to him.

"Ow look, she feel special now," teased Traci

"I hope you order for me too," yelled a voice that sound like Laurent

D'amieeh's mouth dropped watching Larry and Regi walk quickly over to the table.

"Ow shit, this is getting good," said Brittney as she stood to hug Larry and Regi.

"Omg, this is crazy. I get to meet all my babies," said Traci as she follow suit behind Brittney. Jamika stared at Regi as if he was one of Les Twins himself. Dami, started giggling to herself as she watched Mika's reaction.

"How bout saying hello to him Mik," joked Dami

"Hi Larry, hi...hi Regi," Jamika stood giving them both hugs but held Regi just a little longer. Lau gave her a gentle smack on her leg.

"Ay, get off him. Weren't you on me like dat," he joked, throwing Regi a smirk and a wink while motioning for the waiter to come back to the table.

After a hour and a half, excitement grew, and the crew became louder with the naughty jokes and music that Laurent was playing from his Beatz pill portable speaker. Britt sat in a seat next to D'amieeh while they both took a look around the table.

"This shit is unreal right now girl," said Dami

"You ain't never lied. It's like we known them for years," said Brittney as she chuckled at Traci who tried to give Laurent a lap dance, but started busting out laughing cause he was.

Larry worked his way to the chair on the other side of Dami. Pulling her chair closer to him, he wrapped his arms around the lower part of her back. "You didn't give me hug. Wassup wit dat?" he asked like he was disappointed.

"They all rushed you before I even got a chance," said Dami, trying to speak softly. As she gave Larry his hug, he gave her a sweet kiss to the side of her neck. Brittney noticed and damn there choked.

"Are you go practice later?" asked Larry, moving a piece of D'amieeh's hair out her face.

Trying not to show her blushing, Dami pulled the piece of hair Larry moved behind her ear. "Yeah, probably around midnight. I don't think anybody will be in the gym bout that time."

"I'm coming with you," he said, pulling out his phone, gimmie you number, so I call to see where you at," demanded Larry

As D'amieeh gave him her number, Brittney was watching in shock. Looking around the table to see if anyone else may notice. But Radek, Lau and Regi was entertaining the ladies enough to the point no one even looked their way.

"You better answer," said Larry, placing his phone back in his pocket.

"I will, you just better call," said Dami, trying to show her aggressive side

Larry threw a smile and went to join the guys. "Aye, we gotta go. Rochka waiting on us at da spot," Larry reminded them.

"Ow damn what time is it?" asked Laurent as he answered himself by looking on his phone. "Fuck! Yeah we gotta roll. Don't worry bout da bill, I got it," said Lau as he stood up, taking another sip out his glass.

Everyone gave their thanks and hugs to Lau and Larry as the guys gathered their things to leave.

"It was nice meeting you, crazy girls. Yall, a lot duf fun. We'll end up doin dis again after da battle, D'accord," said Laurent as he gave the waiter a black credit card.

"Don't be lying to us Lau, you know we'll be waiting on it," said Traci, throwing him a side smirk

"I keep my word baby, you know dis."

"Make sure you get some practice in cuzzo. No waitin later," said Radek as he gave D'amieeh a hug

"Stop worrying boy. I got this," said Dami giving him a little tap on the shoulder

As the ladies watched they guys leave, Dami couldn't stop smiling, until she notice Brittney giving her a curious smirk.


The rest of the girl looked over at Brittney, "Yeah, girl...What's wrong?" asked Mika as she gathered up her things.

"Dami know this look," said Britt, picking up her purse without taking her eyes off Dami.

"Did I miss something?" questioned Traci

D'amieeh raised her eyebrows, making a face as if she was confused as well.

"Dami, we need to talk my love," giggled Brittney as they all headed to the hallway of the hotel.

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