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Laurentbourgeois Stories


Snatch A Twin - Chapter Two

D'amieeh unexpectedly ran into someone she wasn't ready for.

After a day and a half of unboxing, with a little help from her sister Tylay, D'amieeh forgot all about packing for her trip to Paris. At 3:45 am, Dami phone rings, playing Drake - Worst Behavior."What the?" D'amieeh moaned as she rolled over to grab her...

Snatch A Twin - Chapter One

The Ladies from LesTwinsClique literally plots on snatching up one of the LesTwins

@1Lestwins4L just posted a sexy, and sweaty, no top on Laurent Bourgeois on IG, performing with singer Bey in Paris for the last night of her concert. Tylah shook her head as she ran down the steps of her older sisters D'amieeh new house."Hey Dami, I got...