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Snatch A Twin - Chapter Three


D'amieeh woke up around 07:49 am with Larry on the brain. "I guess I do have a problem," she mumbled to herself as she slowly dragged her body to the bathroom. While taking a shower, Dami's cell phone will not stop ringing. Though she heard it, she kept her mind on how Larry. "Wait, I told him my name at the airport," she thought, turning off the water. "But how did he know I'm prideful?" she questioned herself while drying her hair. Again, her phone kept ringing back to back. Finally, she reached over to grab it off the night table. "Hello?"

"Hey, girl. It's Brittney. We been trying to reach you for over an hour. Are you ok?"

Dami, check for the time. "Ow, I'm sorry girl. I was taking a shower," she said, putting her Bluetooth in her ear.

"No worries. So where we meeting for breakfast?" Brittney seemed very excited

"Umm, how 'bout here," D'amieeh requested, "They have a nice little restaurant here.

"That sounds like a good idea. Give me the address, and we'll be on our way."

Dami gave Brittney the address and hung up with her right after. She started playing music as she continued getting ready for the meet up with the girls. After putting lotion all over her body, Dami like to spray herself with her favorite perfume Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Damn there giving herself another shower with it.
Right after putting on her matching bra and panties set, there was a knock at her door.

Knowing her cousin Radek was in the room right next to her, she yelled, "Give me 30 mins Radek! I'm not ready yet!" It seemed like that didn't matter to him, he just kept knocking. "Got'damn it, Radek," Dami yelled as she swung open the door. "Can't you see I ain't ready," she snapped.

It took her at least three minutes to realize it was Larry standing in front of her.

"Uhh, yeah. I can see that but..." 

"OMG! I am sooo sorry Larry," D'amieeh jumped behind the door. "What the hell? How the hell?" Couldn't get her words out correctly, Dami just took a deep breath and shook her head.

Larry laughed, "I'm sorry, but I remember your room... Just want to see if you ok."

D'amieeh started blushing. Couldn't believe ever since she landed in Paris, Larry been popping up out of nowhere. "This got to mean something," she thought to herself. 

"No, I'm good, I'm good. Uhh, want to come in for a minute?" she offered, forgetting she only had on bra and panties.

Larry looked up from his phone with an amused grin. "Why not," he quickly walked in her room,

"DAMN! You smell good," he complimented as he took a seat on the desktop.

Slowly D'amieeh walked over to the bed, "If only this dude knows what I want to do to him," she quietly thought to herself.

"So, what made you come to my room? Matter fact, HOW you know what room I was in?" she questioned throwing him a confused look.

"From your card. It had your floor and room number. You were a little drunk. Want to see if you ok," he said, staring her up and down.

Dami looked down at herself, and it finally clicked that she didn't have anything on. Snatching her robe off the bed, she struggled putting it on in embarrassment.

"So sorry. I forgot...I mean..."

"Stop saying sorry. You're good," reassuring her as he looked down at his phone, trying not to stare at Dami for too long. "Sooo, your Radek's cousin?" he chuckled as he scrolled through his Instagram.

D'amieeh threw Larry a frown as she sat in the chair in front of him.

"Yeah, that's my cousin. Why?"

"So dat was you who didn't finish dance challenge, dat one year," he asked, slightly lifting his head in her direction.

Dami smarked. "So you remember who I am?"

"Psss, Of course. I forget names, never faces," he smiled, "You ran from dat French Dominican girl I remember."

"Stop it, Larry, I didn't run from that girl, I ran cause I was under pressure."

Larry twisted up his lip, "Yes, you ran from that girl," he joked. Both started to laugh and continued reminiscing.

"A lot things changed since then," said Dami, speaking as if her and Larry knew each other personally for years. Which it had only been a few times they actually met.

"Your name is @DamiTwins88 on Instagram right?" he questioned, searching for her on Instagram. D'amieeh, nervous to answer, watched his eyes as he scrolled through.

"Yeah, how you know that?"

"Me my brotha see everything. Most comments that us tagged in and hashtags. There be lot of reposts dat comes from your page," Larry looks up at Dami with a smirk.

She looked nervous as her eyes grew large and shifty. Though she never tagged him in any of her posts, but she was a hashtag queen. Thinking about some of her edit videos of Les Twins on how to #SnatchATwins, she became anxious. Didn't know how he felt about it, she quickly changed the subject, tilted her head and gave him an uncertain look.

"All this time you knew who I was, and you didn't follow me, Larry? That's cold," she joked

"No, I did not know for sure. I knew I seen you before but not know where," he chuckled, placing his phone next to him.

"That's even worse Larry!" Dami started laughing out loud, trying to cover her embarrassment.

Larry looked off to the side, trying to gather what she was saying. "What you mean? Not like we ever been one on one talking."

"But we really did, though." she corrected, as her smile ran off her face.

Larry looked in the air as if he was sorting through memories that somehow floated out his memory bank. D'amieeh started to feel disappointed, and it showed on her face.

"I don't remember." still trying to search his brain.

"It's all good, don't worry about it," Not paying time no mind as D'amieeh's cell phone rung back to back.

"Damn, someone want you real bad," joked Larry as he stood up from the desk.

"I'm sure it's not that important," said Dami, standing up with him.

"Well, I have to leave now."

Not wanting him to go, Dami got up her nerve and quickly wrapped her arms around him like a kid. "Noooo, you not leave yet!" she demanded in her child-like voice.

"Sorry, I have to get to my brotha. He gonna start calling me crazy if not." D'amieeh turned, leading him to the door. Larry looked her up and down biting his bottom lip. "And I don't want us to get in trouble," he added.

Dami swung around to face him. "What trouble? We grown," she reminded him, not quite understanding what he meant.

"Yeah, too early for this type trouble," he joked, running his finger down her spine as he walked past her to open the door.

Dami started blushing, thinking maybe he did remember their little run in together years ago. Couldn't think of a slick come back, she just gave him a 3-second finger massage through that beautiful, thick, fluffy mane of his, "Stop flirting Larry," she said, trying to downplay her amusement.

He laughed turning to face her once more.

"So you ready for dis Saturday? You know there is not running in dis battle." he joked

"That was a low blow, Larry. Not funny, and YES I'm ready," replied Dami, giving him a shy smirk as she wrapped a piece of hair around her finger, shifting her weight side to side.

"No time for be shy," he reminded her.

She nodded. "I'm clutch." 

"Good. Welp, I'll see you tomorrow then. Hope you not battle one of my peoples. It's not gonna be easy," Larry gave her a peck on the cheek before walking off.

"I can handle it!" she yelled, watching him damn near run down the hall. He waved as he turned the corner.

D'amieeh couldn't stop smiling, feeling a little special that Larry remembered who she was. She opened her suitcase pulling out her outfit for the day. As she closed her suitcase and slid it to the side of the desktop, she noticed a thick black ban bracelet right where Larry was sitting. Right before she picked it up, her cell rings again. It was Brittany.

"Girl, it is so hard to stay in touch with you," said Brittany, sounding like she was out of breath.

"Sorry girl, I had a visitor."

"Well, I hope you or your visitor could help us," Brittany laughs, "Cause we're lost, honey."

Though Dami's attention was still on the black band Larry left behind; she was still alerted to what Brit was saying. "OMG, well where are you guys?" she questioned, rolling Larrys' band through her fingers.

"I think we're on Rue De Le Chapelle," Brittany unsurely asking the ladies that was with her, she was correct.

"Ow ok. Well, what block of De Le Chapelle are you on?"

"Girl, like we know," All the ladies started laughing, "We have no idea love."

"Tell me what's around you so I could get an idea what way you should come."

"Well we're at a traffic light right now. There's like two big apartment buildings, well it looks like an apartment building. One on the left and one on the right. We're about to cross the metro stop or whatever they call it."

D'amieeh frowned up her face at the description her friend just gave her, "Ahh, do you see a sign that says St. Denis in front of you? Right before you ride under a little bridge?"

They ladies got excited, "YES! YES! Right in front of us."

Dami started laughing. "Ok stay on A1, Take the A1 ramp on the left to Lille / Aéroport Charles de Gaulle and Saint-Denis and keep coming straight," she instructed

Brittany seemed a little nervous, "I am so direction illiterate," she joked. "So after that where do we go?"

"Brit, it's a straight shot from there. Just stay on A1 until you come up to the exit Roissy-en-France. Then merge onto AutoRoute de Nord. Stay straight in the right lane and exit off on Rond-Point de Paris. Follow that around and it brings you to the door of my hotel. Voila,"

One of the ladies yelled in the phone, "Thanks, D'amieeh, we got it. See you in.... well however long it takes to get there."

Dami chuckles, "See yall in 30mins."

"Hopefully!" yelled Brittany

After hanging up with the girls, D'amieeh fixed her attention back onto Larry's band.

"I remember this damn band. I swear I'm the one that gave it to him," she thought as she put it on her wrist.

D'amieeh laid across the bed thinking she may be giving herself a little too much created. She's nowhere close of being that important to him in his life. However, she did remember giving Larry a black band for luck when Les Twins was battling in the M357 BattleZone in Moscow. A battle where her cousin Radek lost to Larry himself.

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