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The Haunted Harley Part 3

"A night that would change everything"
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Published 8 years ago
They made their way to the dance floor maneuvering through the throng of people and started dancing. Miranda could tell that Ken was not a dancer, but he could keep a beat and he just mimicked what the other males were doing. She could not stop smiling, she had not enjoyed herself this much in quite awhile. The dance numbers ended and a slow song started.

Ken and Miranda stared at each other for an awkward moment and then she stepped into his arms. They began to slowly move against each other in time to the music, and Ken broke out in a sweat. It wasn't that the interior of the club was uncomfortable, it was this lovely lady pressed against him that caused it. He felt her full breasts pressed against his chest and the movement of her silky spandex against his front filled him with desire that he had not known was possible.

He somehow managed to maintain his composure until the music ended where upon they returned to the bar and he asked for an ice water to cool him off.

"You OK," she asked.

"Yeah I'm OK."

They chatted for a bit and she suggested they leave and get some riding time in and he couldn't say yes to her suggestion fast enough. They said their goodbyes and headed to the parking lot and mounted their Harley's, and just like that Morning the bike started with one kick and away they went. It was a beautiful Summer night and Miranda was glad to be out of the bar and in the wind, for she also got overheated while slow dancing with Ken.

Around Midnight they stopped for breakfast at one of those Mom and Pop 24 hour restaurants and chatted until around 2:00 am when they decided to call it a night. Ken followed her home and sat on his Harley as she placed her bike in the garage and opened the side door.

She thanked him for going with her and giving her the best night of the past 6 months, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly a wave of energy washed over her and she moved from his cheek to his lips, he responded by taking her in his arms and pulling him into her. Their mouth opened and their tongues met, and they stayed locked in the embrace and kiss for a few minutes.

"I think I better go," and he kicked the bike and nothing happened. He tried again and still nothing.

"Maybe its over heated," Miranda stated and offered a nightcap while the engine cooled down. He pushed his bike into the garage as he didn't want to leave it visible and unsecured and then entered her house and took a seat on the couch. She arrived from the kitchen with two bottles of beer from the fridge and she sat next to him, they clinked the long necks and toasted the Evening.

The conversation was brief and he found it difficult to answer, as he could not take his eyes off of her and passions fire began to burn within him. It seemed an unseen force was pushing him toward her. Unable to resist it any longer he placed his beer on the coffee table and leaned in and took her in his arms and kissed her. She dropped her beer on the table and then embraced him harder than she had done outside, and the kiss was much longer and deeper than the one she gave him outside.

After a few minutes Miranda stood up and removed her t-shirt and slowly shimmied out of her spandex. She then stood him up and removed his clothing, then taking him by the hand and led him to her bedroom. They did not emerge until Morning.

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