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Breakfast Stories


Breakfast Time - Short Short

Meet the Robinsons!

“I’m going out to get food for the baby,” she said. “Do you want anything?” It was clear she wanted him to go and if he didn’t, her feathers would be ruffled. Too bad, it was her turn. “I’m good,” he said, whistling a little tune. She gave him a beady-eye...

“Open up; it’s yummy,” Mom lied to me. Her eyes held mirth, Of that I could see. I did what I could. I turned this way then that. But what I really could have used, Was a baseball bat. It was hopeless of course, Of that I could see. That’s when an idea, I...

Loni took a seat and moved closer to the table. There was an uncomfortable silence as Brad's parents surveyed the way she had dressed and the amount of makeup she wore. "My, that's an interesting ensemble. Is it new?" his Mom finally stated in carefully c...

Eggs for Breakfast

A relationship at breakfast

I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor - the floor must have been uneven, for the egg began to slide towards me, slowly. I thought it was chasing me. I got scared, and ran away. He always ordered eggs for breakfast. Every day I sat and watched him eat. Som...

As Bruce drove home he still could not believe what had happened. He had just been hugged and kissed by Gina Giambucci, the bosses daughter. It was not a normal kiss, it was a brief yet passionate fillled tongue kiss. The hug was a strong one and you coul...

Miranda lay there under her silk sheets afraid to open her eyes, she didn't want to face the morning. She silently scolded herself for her weakness of breaking a long-time vow to never, ever, ever slept with any man after the first date, no matter how att...

The Haunted Harley Part 3

A night that would change everything

They made their way to the dance floor maneuvering through the throng of people and started dancing. Miranda could tell that Ken was not a dancer, but he could keep a beat and he just mimicked what the other males were doing. She could not stop smiling, s...

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Breakfast in the Village

up and down the isles I push my cart

Breakfast in the Village It's another lovely day in the Village. Birds are singing and butterflies are floating. Waking I get this notion to fix breakfast for my love. Bouncing down my stairs, Parker and Bailey leading the way. In the kitchen to my dismay...