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Tiyo - Part II

"Kaiah listens to more of the story about Tiyo"
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Kaiah was trying not to show her boredom, but as it is with all youngsters, it was obvious to all.

Omawnakw had finally finished the last of his kutuki. Brushing some of the residue from his hands and then wiping them on his leggings he said, “Delicious! Now where were we in the story?”

Kaiah just looked at him and then said in the monotone voice only a bored 9 year-old could muster, “Tee Yoo Was At The Big Wa Ter.”

The quick jab of Manci's elbow for her daughter's insolence was only met by a mock shrug of What? from Kaiah.

“Ah yes, the Big Water”, the elder announced and he continued with the story of Tiyo....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In a distance, Tiyo saw an island. He used his pole to paddle toward the island and landed on the beach.

A short distance from the water stood a house with a small entrance. A voice from inside the house beckoned him, 'Come in. Come in.' Then, as if by magic, the opening grew large enough to allow him to enter.

Inside the house lived the Spider-Woman. She was a beautiful older woman with long white hair cascading off her shoulders and down her back. 'Welcome to my home. I've been expecting you.' Tiyo thanked the Spider-Woman and told her of his quest and the river. He gave her one of the prayer sticks as a gift.

'I now must return to my village and tell them of my journey. I would like to take back with me some token or sign in gratitude. Evidence that I had completed my quest.'

'I know where you can get such a token to take to your people,' the Spider-Woman said. 'But, there are many dangers along the way. I have a magic potion that will help protect you,' she said as she handed him a small jar filled with a liquid. 'To help and guide you, I will accompany you.' With that said, she took his hand and transformed into a small spider sitting on Tiyo's hand. She crawled up his arm and behind his ear. 'I will whisper instruction to you.'

Tiyo hadn't gone very far when he came to a patch of boggy ground he could not cross. He knew he would sink to his death if he proceeded. 'The potion,' whispered the Spider-Woman.

Tiyo sprinkled a few drops on the soft ground. Immediately a rainbow formed from the ground and arced over to the other side. Using the rainbow as a bridge, Tiyo crossed to safety and firmer ground.

No sooner had he restarted, when a large cougar pounced in front of him snarling. 'The potion. The potion,' screamed the Spider-Woman. Tiyo again sprinkled some of the potion, this time on the cougar. In an instant the big cat calmed down and was purring and playful as a kitten.

Farther down the pathway, Tiyo met other beasts of the woods. First a bear and then a wildcat were tamed by the potion. The wolf and the rattlesnake were also calmed and let him and the Spider-Woman pass.

Tiyo soon reached the house that held the treasure he sought. He climbed a ladder to the roof. There was an opening with another ladder going down into the house. Tiyo climbed down the ladder, still with the Spider-Woman hidden behind his ear.

The house was large with a fire in the middle. Snake skins hung from the walls. Warriors sat around the room with painted faces and beaded necklaces. They were all silent as Tiyo took a place by the fire.

Silence filled the house. Then the chief took up his pipe and lit it. Taking four puffs, he handed it to Tiyo and watched him. 'The pipe has poisons in it. Take four puffs and I will suck out the poisons,' instructed the Spider-Woman. Tiyo drew on the pipe four times and did not be come faint or woozy. 'Ah-ha,' said the chief, 'Welcome, welcome!' The chief and his warriors warmly welcomed Tiyo as a brother. Tiyo gave each of them a feathered prayer stick.

The chief rose and said, 'It is time. We must put on our snake skins.'

Tiyo was instructed to turn around so he could not witness how they put their skins on. When he turned around, he was in snake-pit. All manner of snakes were writhing on the floor. Long slender snakes, fat muscular constrictors, black snakes and stripped snakes, and several venomous rattlesnakes were all there. 'Don't show any fear,' whispered the Snake-Woman. 'I will guide you.' One fearsome golden snake approached him and rose up and hissed at him angrily.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Oh my,” Omawnakw said, interrupting the story. “I had forgotten how thirsty the kutuki makes me.” Picking up his cup and gesturing towards Manci, “My have some more water?”

The words had no sooner left his lips when Kaiah snatched the cup out of his hand. Running back to the earthen jar by the door, she quickly ladled it full. Several drops fell upon the floor as she scurried back with his cup. Handing it to Omawnakw, she sat back down by Manci. She didn't appear as bored as before, but she appeared a little more antsy in her actions.

Omawnakw took a small sip and then another. An “Ahh” can from his lips. He took several more sips, slowly enjoying each one while he watched little Kaiah squirm.

Kaiah was getting anxious for him to finish his drink and continue Tiyo's story.

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