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It takes time and patience,

To cure my toxic ways,

My awareness and presence,

Needed now almost always,


Live to die a little, I die every day

Ask me how I am doing, I would lie in every way

Hero of my own story? But who are the villains?

Wear a cap every day, and battle my feelings,

I look at the end of the bottle and get another one,

There will always be another one,

I tell myself sometimes…


Life is funny till you get the joke,

How do you start to fix what's not broke?

Walk a mile in these shoes and your heel just broke,

You only wanna win the lottery when you are broke,

So you “wrestle" your decisions, like the “Rock,”

And look back and wonder if it was worth it,

Then you look ahead and wonder if it’s still worth it,

You are at a crossroads, a “twist of fate.”

Do you go hunting or fishing and take the devil's bait…


Living well and drinking well,

Tossing coins in the wishing well,

Hoping over time my thinking is well,

Once upon a time, I was seeking hell,

And after raising hell, I got saved, but oh well,

Looking at the mirror and reflecting on the hell made,

When life gives you lemons, they say make  lemonade,

But I choose to toss grenades over the village heads,

And let them choose their destiny,

I choose to suppress the best in me cause the worst in me

Can burn the world  and that I think so tentatively

Pillow fights turned into fistfights

From hugs and fist bumps

To love bites now cold as frostbites

In the end, you can only save yourself

As time ticks, I address myself,

Hoping one day to retire in a proper address,

I dismiss all my mistresses,

Left her crying on the staircase,

As I grabbed my briefcase,

Coz I’m all about my business,

Lips that were once kissed,

Turned to calls now missed,

We play our parts, then get dismissed,

In the court of arms and the national assembly,

I come to you gently and humbly

To present my apology

Or your eulogy,

We can try this one last time and make a trilogy

Or turn this into a threesome and an orgy,

Now I try to be true and speak from the heart

All said and done, I played my part,

I lived my life like a work of art…

Written by anthonychansa
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