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Watergate Park

"A very odd encounter ..."
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During the latter half of 1989 and on into the early months of 1990 some of the local football fields in the town of Watergate along with the river which flowed alongside, were given a makeover and transformed into a public park with lakes, a geezer and so on and this park opened to the public early in the summer of 1990.

Across the street where Jennifer Langton lives in this park and on Wednesday night, January 14th, 2009 at approximately half-past nine in the evening Jennifer could see that someone was sitting on a bench just inside the park grounds, not so far from its entrance.

Even though the park itself had no lighting, the streetlights in between the house and the park were enough for Jenifer to see far enough into the park and the light of the near full moon which shone across the lake just feet ahead of the bench also provided additional lighting. The sight of this person made Jennifer wonder as to why anyone would sit alone on a bench in a darkened park on a cold January night.

The next night, Jennifer noticed this person again sitting on the same park bench and at approximately the same time as the night before and then again at the same time the following night but on this third night, Jennifer felt a strange compulsion to go over to the park and talk to this man as indeed, she was sure that this individual was the same individual returning each night.

It was as cold a night as it had been the previous two nights and it had been raining a little prior to Jennifer heading outside so she put on a heavy jacket to keep herself warm and dry so over to the park she went.

'Do you mind if I sit here?' she asked, strangely feeling comfortable and confident enough that nothing untoward would happen.

'No not at all,' came the reply, 'but I do find it a bit strange for a young lady to come into a dark park and ask a stranger if she can sit next to him, and even more strange why are you wearing such a big coat? It is quite a nice night tonight.'

Now that reply came across as such a strange comment to make as it was a cold night and it seemed like it might just rain again. As well as that Jenifer noticed that the man was dressed in a shirt, tie, jeans, and sneakers, and he seemed in no way to be feeling the chill of the evening.

'I can’t agree as to how nice tonight may be, anyhow my name is Jennifer.'

'I am David, nice to meet you.'

The two shook hands as Jennifer sat.

'You look familiar, have we met before?'

'Don't think so,' replied David. 'I am sure I would remember if we have met before.'

'Can I ask you why you have been coming and sitting here over the last few nights?'

'Last few nights?' asked David. 'I've only just been sitting here for the last ten minutes or so.'

Before the conversation could continue the geezer briefly came on and a brief strong breeze must have caught it momentarily as the water splashed over, completely soaking both Jennifer and David.

'Hey, I live just across the street, if you like you could come on over and dry yourself off.'

'Sure, thank you.'

David followed Jennifer over to her house. She opened the front door and moved straight into her living room saying, 'Close the door behind you, will ya?'

There was no reply and the door just remained open and when Jennifer moved back to look, there was no sign of David. She moved on to look outside her door and David was nowhere to be seen.

'Very strange,' thought Jennifer out loud.

Not long after the door had been closed, the doorbell rang. Jennifer got such a shock when she answered. Standing outside her door was David except now he appeared so much older than what he had only moments prior. His hair had become grey and short where it had been dark and close to shoulder length only moments before, and he was dressed differently too, he appeared to be a little heavier than before, another thing, he wasn't wet either.

'What the hell?' she asked.

'It's alright Jennifer, it is me, David. Can I come in and maybe try to make some sense out of what has just happened?'


Jennifer let David go into the living room first.

'You were just talking to a younger looking me just a few moments ago right?'

'So it would seem, yeah.'

Jennifer's confusion compelled her to hear David out. What was going on? Why does he look so different?

'Well, for you it was an occurrence which came to be only a few moments ago but for me, that conversation we had along with us both getting soaked happened a very long time ago, eighteen and a half years ago to be more exact. For me it was July 21st, 1990, and I don’t need to tell you that you now believe we are two weeks into 2009 at this very moment. That is why I thought it strange that you were wearing a big coat as that night was a warm summer's night, and I did follow you back here to your house. You turned in here to your living room but when I followed there was a man, a woman, and a young girl sitting in here in this very room.'

'Really? Wow… Oh my God… I remember that night, I think,' said Jennifer with a shocked look on her face. 'It scared the crap out of me and took my dad hours to calm me down, a strange man soaking wet just walked into this room, we didn't even hear the front door open.'

'That strange man was me, I just had to think quickly and tell your dad that I entered the wrong house accidentally and I left as he called the police. In the park you said you thought you recognized me; this is why. On top of that every once in a while, since that night of July 21st, 1990 I would pass by trying to find out what happened or at least make some sense out of it. I tried to make sure that you and your parents did not see me whenever I was near, I did not want to scare you. I thought I'd gone insane but now I know our conversation actually did happen.'

Jennifer was finding this all very difficult to believe though she knew it to be true. It made sense in a very odd way. She went into the kitchen and put on the kettle; she was still drying herself off some as she was still somewhat wet from being drenched earlier.

She called out asking David if he would like some tea and she would be a little surprised that there would be no response. She went back into the living room, but David was no longer there. Jennifer had not heard him leave. It seemed that he had just vanished into thin air, now based on what David had told her Jennifer awaits with expectation the day that she will re-enter her living room to find David sitting there as if he had never gone anywhere at all for giving what has already happened, such a re-appearance is quite possible...


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