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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result so maybe I am insane for no matter how I protest my innocence I am still going on trial, and my trial begins today. Insanity is the state of being seriously mentally ill, it can be described as extreme foolishness or irrationality but no matter what description or definition can be given, none of it helps me. I am innocent.

Yeah, I am innocent, I am not crazy. Don’t care what anyone says, don’t care what evidence they think they have; I know I did not kill anyone. I am not nuts, no matter how much I feel I am heading that way. All I wanted to do was to take a leak and I didn’t even get to do that, well not in the way I had intended anyhow. First day of the trial is indeed today and it will be over as quickly as it starts so my lawyer says. He wants to put in a plea of insanity but once again I didn’t do anything and that includes not losing my mind.

Yeah, first day of the trial and before it even gets underway, I have been given pen and paper, and while under supervision I am to pen my version of events, as if anything I put down here is gonna differ from anything I have already said countless times.

At about ten past six in the evening of Tuesday the fifth of June 2018 I came by an entrance to a shopping center within a town I so happened to be passing through. I needed to pee badly, and the center was closing, it had closed at six though the last of the customers were still straggling out so I managed to convince a couple of on-duty security guards to allow me to enter and use the facilities as there was nowhere else close I could alternatively use.

Told them I’d be quick; I’d be in and out before the last of the shoppers could vacate the premises. Despite never before being to this center, I found the toilets quite easily, signage was easy to follow and as far as I was concerned, am concerned, my first moment of oddity begins here at this point of my story.

Out on the mall floor close to the toilet entrances, three yellow cleaners warning cones made a relatively small triangle. Within the area within which the three cones took up I soon saw a red liquid. It was thin and watery, possible drink spillage I thought and there was nothing odd about that but then I got a better look as I got closer.

I needed to pass the cordoned off area to get to the toilets and I can tell you I was shocked and disturbed to see an arm, from shoulder to hand with no fingers, just lying there on the ground. Yeah, definitely shocking and disturbing but there it was all the same. And this is just the beginning of my shocking and disturbing experience.

Having come to a stop I couldn’t understand why no one was paying any attention to what is here and to what could possibly be happening. Maybe this is why security was being so strict back at the center entrance but then again, they did let me in. Right, this is where things begin to go completely crazy. Yeah, as if seeing a severed arm lying on a mall floor wasn’t crazy enough.

That arm, it must be fake, began moving all by itself. Honestly, this is the truth. Make some sort of movie is being filmed or something of the likes but I couldn’t see anything anywhere near which could be film related, this fingerless arm … I believed it to be real.

Slowly at first, it moved like some sort of enormous worm etching forwards, then it picked up speed rather quickly not only that, but it began to come at me as if it were drawn to me somehow. I still needed to pee rather badly so what else could I do but move on as quickly as I could to the toilets.

I know I should have just gone back to the shopping center exit and go find a bush to pee behind, but I was hardly thinking straight. Here is where it goes from crazy to one hundred percent insane. The men’s toilets were a bloody mess. The blood was what I saw first then it was the heads, three of them, severed heads one in and two in between the wash hand basins.

From within the cubicles, three headless bodies began to come at me, yeah seriously, I am not making this up, as crazy as it is. Three headless bodies came at me with force. One of which was missing an arm as well as its head. In complete and utter horror, I began to fend them off as best as I could. It is safe to say I soiled myself in this moment, something I am sure won’t be left out at the trial, if not today then maybe it’ll be mentioned later in the week.

Next thing I know is that I somehow managed to vacate the premises only to be escorted into the back of a riot van and I have since been charged with seven murders and with the assaults on numerous others. They say I came with a machete; I don’t and never have owned such a thing. They say I attacked two security guards at this particular shopping center entrance, moving on to kill two members of mall cleaning crews and three members of the general public.

It all is apparently caught on closed-circuit television. I wanna see that as I know what I know, and I am positive it is not what I have been told. I am not crazy; I have and have had no reason to attack anyone. This all really is insane, something I am sure I am not. All I wanted was to use the friggen facilities…

Maybe I should accept a plea of insanity. I’ll wait for what is shown in court via the security footage though footage can be altered, right? Ah hell. I don’t know anymore. I am innocent… I am not crazy… Though what are the chances anyone reading this will believe anything I have to say? Especially if video evidence fails me, but it can’t… Can it?


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