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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result so maybe I am insane for no matter how I protest my innocence I am still going on trial, and my trial begins today. Insanity is the state of being s...

actung 6 months ago

Greg and Sam had never met prior to the day they accidentally collided with each other. There had been no malice, intent, or even any real force in the collision but for something which had been so accidental, it had been enough to knock both men off t...

There is a battle raging inside you,It’s beating you down,Until you forget which side you’re on,You punish me with your internal war. The war,The constant tug-of-war,Causing endless battles,All between yourself,

CKAcres 3 years ago

Another Time Another Universe

Maybe in another time, in another universe things will be perfectly clear.

In that other universe, we are the lucky ones. In that other universe, we have finally made it. In that other universe, we never experienced what we experienced here. Life never weathered or hardened us the way it did, it never dug into the depths o...

Your silence is so loud, It screams into the darkness, Flowing through my brain, Making me feel insane.   The pounding sound, Threatening to tear me down, Running through my heart, Ripping me apart.   Silence is a powerful...

bella685 4 years ago

Out Of The Darkness

Things are not always clearer, even after you've stepped out of the darkness.

I wake on my left side, shivering from the cold. I fumble for the comforter but come up empty-handed. Annoyed, I roll onto my back thinking I'll have to wrestle it from Ben, my blanket-stealing husband who likes to wrap himself in a cocoon. Instead of fee...

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HisAmelia 5 years ago

Molded Mess

sometimes people are better off apart...

You're like the jack to my cokeJelly to my peanut butterMint to chocolate Everything that flows together But you'll never be my sunshine Nor the refreshing rains Cooling my skin on hot days Just the reminder of pain

marigolds 5 years ago

Mama Didn’t Show Me How to Cope - Chapter 1

How much can one write if their memories are a single blur?

I had about five minutes to think this over. Picture this: I’m sitting in the bathroom taking a dump, I have a case of diarrhea and stomach cramping due to having a stomach infection that occurred right after I returned from my trip to Mexico during sprin...