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Close Calls

"not the way you expect to run into your ex-wife again"

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667 Roosevelt Drive.

The door was ajar when Michaela got home, and she felt her heart stop. Slowly putting her keys into her fist as a kind of makeshift weapon, she slowly made her way into the house, where she heard the sounds of slurping and moaning. It was coming from the kitchen.

Once she got inside she was not prepared for what she saw on the floor, eating raw meat there on the tile so messily that her chin was stained as well as her hands and so was the top part of her formerly white peasant top that all the hipsters were wearing.


The eating stopped and bright mirrored eyes turned to look at the taller woman standing in the threshold, with sharp jagged shapes between her fingers. And the mirrored eyes warped with what could only be tears. “Haven’t you seen a starving vampire before?” she sobbed the words out between quivering lips.

Michaela sighed. “No sorry, it's my first time. I typically kill them on sight, like I was trained to do since I came of age,” she answered in a deadpan tone. Then narrowed her eyes at her, “What are you doing here?” she hissed fiercely at her.

Lucinda whimpered. “He got me, Micks, I should have listened to you, but I had to see what it was like with him, I had to, and now…”

“Now you’re one of those vermin my entire family was trained to kill for generations. You can’t be here Lu, you need to leave, now before Kevin gets home. You know my brother doesn’t have the same mercy or patience that I do. And you forced me to move in here with him when you divorced me and took my house only to fucking lose it to your damn gambling debts, Get your meal and take it to go, I’ll clean up this mess, but you can’t stay here. And you know it.”

Lucinda scrambled to her feet, clutching the package of raw, half-eaten steak to her chest and pathetically swishing her hair out of her way, and she gave Michaela a look. That said, she could sense her ex-lover’s pulse. And Michaela narrowed her eyes on her. And shook her head slowly. “Don’t.”

“Has it always been that loud? That fast?”

“Lucinda don’t. Just leave. He’ll be home any minute.”

“He’s on the highway, it will take him at least forty minutes to make it through the rush hour traffic at his speeds, Plenty of time…”

“For me to kill you? Yes.”

“No, You won’t kill me, Micks, You could never get enough of me when we were together, and now … now I can make you do whatever I want.”

“You watch too much television. Vampires aren’t like the way they are in the movies. They are just ravenous, sickly beings who live longer than they think they do because every day is full of pain and heartache. There is no romance or dramatic tragedy of woe, just pain, hunger, and loneliness, forever and ever and ever. That is your future, Lucinda for letting that parasite infect you.”

Lucinda’s lip quivered just a bit. “Don’t you miss me at least a little bit?”

“Why would I? You're a monster, an infection of unwanted emotions, and you always will be.”

Michaela snarled and scoffed at her. “Fine, don't leave, let him find you here, and then he’ll take care of you like you’ll one day beg him to. I had a hard day at work, I’m going to go lay down. Either be far away from here when I wake up or I won’t intervene when Kevin finds you. Got it?”

Then turning on a heel, she left Lucinda there in the kitchen. And laid down in bed. Her shoulders sang their happiness as they hit the soft mattress and her body and bones allowed her to relax. She kept the keys in her fist though, silver alloy. It was the first thing her mother taught her when she started training to be part of her family’s great Hunter of the Monsters Legacy.


Written by OpheliaTusk
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