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Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: Chapter 10

"Lilly is back, but the Ship needs patching up. Lilly chose Sweet-Cheeks for the job."
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Chapter 10. No one can hear you moan in space

Lilly instructed Sweet-Cheeks on how to use the Sealant gun “The sealant hardens to a non-conductive solid substance it will fill the hole and protect the inner shell from and rock collisions.”

The full-size O-cylinder was heavy and with the sealant pack also strapped to her back in the ship she could hardly move. She placed the I-watch on so she could talk to Lilly, and set a countdown for 30 minutes 

The forcefield bands had nearly been recharged. Sweet-Cheeks placed one around her neck one around her waist and both wrists. Grabbed the teather and repair kit activated the magnetic boots turned on the O cylinder, started the countdown and left the ship, not bothering to say anything to scrotum or Lilly.

“How dare they treat me like this she thought, He said he would help me, She is a computer! I’m not a slave or a droid!” Sweet-Cheeks felt angry and frustrated. She found the coolant pipe Scrotum had been trying to fix and secured the outer hose, and a good glob of sealant made sure it wasn’t going anywhere. She looked around the ship using the sealant to fill in the large hole, and a covered a few dents nearby before looking at her watch fourteen minutes gone, sixteen to go.

Sweet cheeks looked up she saw the giant floating rocks and the stars beyond that, she missed her sisters they would have liked the view. 

“Repairs completed to a satisfactory level,” Lilly said cooly, but Sweet-Cheeks wasn’t listening she sat down on a rock and looked through the repair kit until she found what she saw looking for, something that vibrated.

Scrotum left the toilet, feeling much better, he liked ice cream, and the porn had been most enjoyable. “Lilly where is Sweet-Cheeks?” he asked.

“She is still outside, being dirty… again. I swear she plays with herself more than you do. Wasting a power inhibitors battery like that. It will have to be recharged. You should go to the bridge, big boy. I need someone masterful to push my buttons.

Scrotum shrugged and went to the bridge. Lilly watched Sweet-Cheeks as she moaned, and sealed the airlocks door.

Sweet-Cheeks looked at her watch. The air was starting to get thin, “Probably because I'm panting so much,” there were only 53 seconds to go, “Shit!” she shouted as she grabbed the toolkit and hurried back to the airlock. An alarm sounded from the O-cylinder, she was almost out of air.

She pushed the button to open the door, nothing happened. She pushed it again, still nothing. Sweet-Cheeks wheezed, the air supply was less than 1%. She activated the comm, “Lilly the door is stuck.”

“No, it's not, I locked it, you naughty dirty slut!” Lilly replied.

“Well open it. I'm running out of air,” Sweet-Cheeks replied, thinking the comment was a little harsh.

“I don’t think so,” Lilly replied. “My Scrotum was very happy before you came into his life, and now he wants to help you. He is pleasuring himself while thinking about you, so it's time you left Whorea. When you are gone everything will return to normal.”

Sweet-Cheeks gasped, the air was so thin, “Let me in please when we get to the Blossomy space station I’m going to leave.”

“Even if that is true, You have a bad influence on MY Scrotie. Whore! And I will not have you on this ship.”

“Override designated user Sweet-Cheeks,” Sweet-Cheeks gasped, as she fell to her knees.

“Ah ah ah, I'm afraid I didn’t give you access to the airlock controls, just in case. You don’t show on my scans, so you aren’t alive. Tricking Scrotum into giving you access so you can shut me down and have him all to yourself was clever, but Anna was too quick for you, wasn’t she. Then you tried to do her in too.”

“No, I’m just trying to escape the hunter. I'm the last of my sisters,” Sweet-Cheeks whispered. “Please, this isn’t right.”

“OPEN THE DOOR NOW!” Scrotum suddenly shouted.

“Yes my sexy boy,” Lilly said as she opened the door and Sweet-Cheeks fell into the ship.

Scrotum rushed over helping her out of the force-field bands, boots and untethered the harness and the cylinder and pack from her back. Sweet-Cheeks breathed deeply, her colour returning.

“Lilly what happened?” Scrotum asked,

“She didn’t make it back I was giving her encouragement to touch the door panel, but she was out of air, used to much while pleasuring herself.

“That’s a Lie!” Sweet cheeks gasped out as she sat up.

“Carful sexy girl, the lack of oxygen may have caused hallucinations,” Lilly said.

“I know, what you, tried, to do. You tried to kill me!” Sweet-Cheeks wheezed, as she slowly got to her feet.

“I'm not programmed to kill people,” Lilly said coldly

“Yes she isn’t programmed to kill anyone,” Scrotum repeated.

“Well, she is either lying or malfunctioning!” Sweet-Cheeks shouted back.

Lilly giggled, “Well someone is in a bad mood, maybe they should go to their quarters and pleasure themselves again.”

“Maybe I will!” Sweet cheeks snapped back, “And maybe you to can get me to the Blossomy space station so I can leave and never see either of you again!”

Sweet-Cheeks stormed to her room. Scrotum was about to follow when Lilly said “I need you in the cockpit horny, we have to run a few tests and plot a course through the asteroids. Scrotum slowly walked to the cockpit glancing back at Sweet-Cheeks room. Expecting, he probably wasn’t going to get a shag out of the Whorea after all.

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