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Anonymous 3 years ago

War Of the Worlds II - part 1

Eleven years after the Martians first invasion - a meeting in Harrods.

Saturday January 13th 1908 - the day after the warning   I had a routine back then. Since the death of my wife and unborn child during the Martian invasion eleven years previous I had needed structure in my life outside of work.    On a Sa...

rbo 4 years ago

Dark Penance

Penance is an agent of the dark ones, collecting dark souls for his master to feed

Dark PenanceGeorge opened his eyes. He felt cold laying on a slab of cold stone. He glanced around, but it was too dark to make out anything except a solitary figure. He was tall, clean shaven and wore a long dark coat and a Fedora hat.The...

rbo 4 years ago

Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: Chapter 11 and 12

Trapped on asroide, with a man who enjoys porn too much and a psychoti computer, poor Sweet-Cheeks

Reader discretion advised.The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to the content of a sexual nature.

rbo 5 years ago

Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: Chapter 10

Lilly is back, but the Ship needs patching up. Lilly chose Sweet-Cheeks for the job.

Chapter 10. No one can hear you moan in spaceLilly instructed Sweet-Cheeks on how to use the Sealant gun “The sealant hardens to a non-conductive solid substance it will fill the hole and protect the inner shell from and rock collisions.”T...

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DaedalusMW 6 years ago


Detective Arjan Heiko is accustomed to the darkness that lay beneath the surface of civilization.

These excerpts represent the some of the key concepts covered in the story, as well as my writing style. I am looking for feedback regarding how well this communicates the story, the characters, the settings and the conversations in a believable and unde...