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Captain Scrotum and the SS thrust, chapter 14

"It's a Knob!!!"

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Chapter 14 The Return Of The Knob

Scrotum rolled over, his hand landing on something squishy. He squeezed it. He knew a nipple when he felt one. He squeezed it again as he opened his eyes, smiling, as he looked at who was next to him.

“Fuck!” he shouted as he jumped up, gawking at Sweets-Cheeks dead sister. 

He placed his hand out squeezing her cold breast one more time before leaving the room deciding he wasn’t that desperate, yet. 

He had put on a pair of shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt before Lilly said: “Good morning sexy, I have your usual breakfast and some porn ready for you.”

Scrotum smacked his dry lips, “Just a beer this morning, I want to get back home.” He then thought about his uncle and cursed, “I mean I want to get to a restocking and repair station if I have any credits left.”

“Your uncle has emptied your main account, but you do have a savings account. I have been putting credits into it for years,” Lilly informed him,

“I do?” Scrotum asked, not believing Lilly for a moment.

“Yes, it was set up by your father, in case his brother stopped paying you, but you can only spend 100 credits a day.”

“Wow, that’s enough for a prostitute, a slap up meal and a bottle of mind rot.”

“Or a fresh fuel pod and fuel.” Lilly replied, knowing they were low "And the ship needs some repairs."

“Lilly you take control of this account, only give me what is spare. Since we are alone now, someone has to look after the ship.”

“What about Sweet-Cheeks?” Lilly asked. 

“Hunters dead, she is free, so I'm sure she won't stay long, she might even stay here. I don’t think she likes you, or me,” Scrotum replied with a sigh. 

“Well, she doesn’t know what she is missing my sexy captain. I think once they have gone we should celebrate with a good meal and get the big screen on with a hot movie. I believe Friday the 13th part 1062 is on the Netflic-plus9, or maybe the new sex in the Galaxy film.”

“Good Idea, but I chose the movie, and not until we are at the station,” Scrotum said with an approving nod

“Yes my sexy man, now how about a good fucking.”

Scrotum smiled, Lilly and him against the universe, he had bested a hunter, and now was ready to become a solo pirate.

As Scrotum left his room, he noticed the spare room was open and when he looked in he saw his brother's naked ass moving up and down as he pounded Sweet-Cheeks.

Scrotum turned and left, not saying anything he was surprised he didn’t stay and watch. “Maybe I'm maturing,” he said, then dismissed the idea as he turned into the toilet.

General knob sat, in his powered-down ship, staring at the pirate ship. He was hoping he wouldn’t be noticed while drifting by some wreckage. He had called for backup as soon as he had seen the ship. If Scrotum was part of a dangerous pirate crew, and he could arrest them all, he might get a promotion, which would nearly be worth having everyone laughing at him for being pegged by his mistress.

The ship seemed to be having problems. Its shields were down, and Knob had detected power fluctuations. His backup shouldn’t be too far away. Still, he may have to disable the ship, or try and get blown up. 

Without its shields, the engines were vulnerable, but if the weapons were online, he knew the large ship could take out his little shuttle with a couple of shots. He breathed slowly, keeping calm until his comm came on. It was Slit.

“General, we are two minutes away you should see us on the radar, within one minute,”

“Come in firing,” Knob ordered and powered up his ship, weapons, and shields. With no warning, he shot out of cover firing his lasers at the pirate ship's engines.

Alarms sounded all over the Mia, as the left engine was hit, taking it offline.

Knob swung around and fired at the right engine. The Mia returned fire. Knob turned his ship left and started laughing, “If they are firing at me they have no clue the twenty ships are heading for…” Knob looked at his Raider, “This can't be right” There was only one blip. He watched in horror as Slit charged at the ship, guns blazing, only for the Screaming Mia’s main cannon to fire. Slits ship exploded.

“Idiot,” Knob thought, as he suddenly realised that was all the back up he had been sent. He watched at the Screaming Mia, slowly turned pointing all of its guns at him. Knob felt a little wee escape, as he turned his ship and took off as fast as he could, trying to avoid the lasers and cannon fire.

He dodged for about a minute, then his luck ran out, as a laser punched through his shields disabling central power. His ship stopped flying and started drifting, Knob swallowed hard, allowing more wee to escape as he saw the pirates closing.

Murdock was in a foul mood, and the stupid imperial ship had just added a few more hours work on to the schedule. “Lock on and prepare to vaporise that ship.”

The lift opened, and Roberto entered the bridge doing up his shirt with a semi-exposed Sweet-Cheeks hanging onto his leg. “Report,” He ordered, as Sweet-Cheeks hungrily looked around. 

Everyone was staring at her. Her first thought was, “Orgy,” her second was, “compose yourself, this is the bridge.” She wiped the slobber and cum from her lips, tucked her breasts back into her top and stood up trying to look respectable.

“I said report!” Roberto ordered for the second time, not used to having to repeat himself.

Murdock stopped staring at Sweet-Cheeks, adjusted himself so his hard on wasn’t quite so visible and responded, “Two Imperial fighters attacked us. The first was destroyed, was about to give the order to vaporise the second one.”

“Bring the second ship on board. It may have some juicy information onboard, or at least we can scavenge the ship make a few credits, for the trouble we have faced today. Bring it in by my brother's ship if the pilot isn’t forthcoming he will walk the plank,” Roberto replied with a smile.

Murdock nodded before looking at the crewmen; all were still looking at Sweet-Cheeks. “You heard the caption you scurvy roughens, Tractor that ship into the Plank. Prepare the transporters. Let's see if this imperial fool is worth anything.

General Knob realised he wasn’t going to be killed when he felt the contact of the tractor beam. He armed himself and his two guards readied themselves to leave. His ship landed with a jolt, “Come out with your hands up, Roberto's voice rang through the plank.

Scrotum gulped as he pulled up his trousers, rushing out of his ship with his hands up wondering what he had done to upset his brother. The door opened, and he ran out only to bump into Knob. 

“You!” Knob shouted, raising his gun at Scrotum. “Your under arrest as is your crew!”

Scrotum swallowed hard, “What crew?” he thought, as he looked at the gun.

“You shouldn’t have been so foolish.” Knob said as he sneered.

“I am that foolish, wait what did I do?” Scrotum asked not understanding what Knob was talking about.

“Bringing me onto your ship.” Knob explained, as Scrotum slowly edged backwards towards the Thrust.

“You aren't on my ship; mine's there.” He said pointing and edging closer to his ship.

Now knob was confused, “This is your ship!” he stated as he pointed outwards. 

“No,” Scrotum explained.

“The smile disappeared from Knob's face, “Well who’s ship is it?”

“My big bro’s, Robby's.”

“Robby?” Knob shouted, unsure what was going on then it clicked, “Roberto Ginola’s?”

“Yea that’s him,” Scrotum said proudly.

Knob suddenly looked more alarmed; he grabbed Scrotum and twisted his arm behind his back. “Surrender Roberto or I will kill your brother.” He shouted.

“That ain't going to work,” Scrotum said between the crying.

“If you are going to threaten me,” Roberto spoke over the comm. With good humour, “You should do better than use my useless half brother.” Knob let Scrotum go in annoyance and shouted back. 

Scrotum took his opportunity, and ran back to the Thrust, “Hey get back here!” Knob yelled as he ran after him, as he entered Scrotum's ship, he looked back and saw his two guards vanish from the hall. He swallowed hard. “What did you do to my men?” he shouted from the safety of the Thrust.

“Beamed them into space,” Roberto replied, “You were lucky.”

“No, you were lucky. Killing a general would have got you in a lot of trouble.” Knob replied, but he knew he was lucky. He also was surprised, if Scrotum hadn’t of run, he too would also have been beamed into space.

Knob wasn’t the only one who noticed Scrotum only just survived the Plank, and Sweet-Cheeks wasn’t happy.

“Did you just try and kill your brother?” she asked Roberto.

Roberto was a little surprised. He had never really thought of Scrotum as a brother, only another rival to his father's fortune. He didn’t want to kill Scrotum, but if he got caught in the crossfire, he wasn’t going to lose any sleep over it. “It would have been his fault, why was he there?”

Sweet-Cheeks thought about it for a few seconds, “Well he was probably jerking himself off the toilet, again.”

Roberto sighed, “Murdock ready a boarding party, try not to kill my brother.”

Written by rbo
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