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Captain Scrotum and the SS thrust: chapter 15

"Knobs on the Thrust and Roberto wants him dead. Just another thing Scrotum has to try and deal with"

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Chapter 15 Aboard The Thrust.

Scrotum was sitting on the toilet hiding, He knew Knob was on his ship, and Lilly was trying to get him off.

“Why don’t you just leave the ship, big Knob,” Lilly suggested. “Worse case scenario, you will be beamed into space and die. It will be quick.”

“Thank you Li1, but I think I will wait here,” Knob replied, with a touch of sarcasm.

Knob entered the cockpit and looked at the controls and chair. “Fuck! This is disgusting,” he moved the gun stick and aimed it at the door at the far end of the plank, but the gun wouldn’t turn. “Damn it what is wrong with this thing?”

“You are not an authorised user!” Lilly explained.

Knob marched out of the cockpit and banged on the toilet door. “I know you're in there. I hear you. Come out, or I will shoot.”

Scrotum jumped up and opened the door. He waddled out of the toilet with his pants around his ankles.

Knob Shifted his gaze away, in embarrassment, “Jeez pull your pants up. Get in the cockpit and man the weapons you fool,” Knob ordered.

“I’m not going to kill my brothers or his crew!” Scrotum bravely said, while pulling his trousers up and thinking of the four breasted blue woman.

“They just tried to kill you!” Knob argued back, “If you hadn’t run into the ship you would be floating in space with my men.”

Scrotum stayed quiet, was Knob telling the truth.

“He is speaking the truth, hot lips, it takes seven seconds to use the plank, you were still in the corridor when the cycle started, if you had stopped running, you would be dead,” Lilly added. "Same with the hunter, your were lucky, or he was unlucky depending on how you look at it."

“Fine Scrotum said, suddenly feeling less loyal to his brother, but I'm not shooting Sweet-Cheeks or any blue or orange women.” He added as he walked to the gun controls. “Lilly seal the ship, ready the weapons,”

“Yes, my master. I love it when you order me (giggles).”

Knob looked at Scrotum with a confused expression, “What is up with your AI?” he asked.

Lilly got mixed up when I downloaded a sex-bot program. I like her like this, most of the time.”

Before Knob could ask any more questions or even think “What a moron,” the door at the end of the plank opened. “shoot them!” Knob shouted, and Scrotum pulled the trigger. Then took the safety off and fired again.

Twenty men were charging down the plank with Murdock in front when the Thrust opened fire. Murdock didn’t see it coming, and the first shot blew off his left hand as well as killing several of his men. Murdock cried out as he dived to the floor. He glanced back watching as his men were gunned down. He then looked at his stump, “I’m fucking left handed you bastard!”

The gun went silent. Murdock and the two remaining crewmen crawled back to the open door and slipped around it taking cover.

Knob was looking victorious, “Why didn’t you finish the last of them?” he asked.

“Gun overheated. It's not made for rapid fire.” Scrotum explained.

“This ship is a filthy piece of crap!” Knob grumbled in annoyance.

“Saved your ass, Mr more more please mistress harder,” Lilly argued back, making Knob growl in anger.

Scrotum breathed a sigh of relief. It would take a few minutes for the gun to cool down. At least for now. He was safe. 

He looked at Knob and smiled. Knob smiled back, then attached handcuffs to his wrists, “You are under arrest,” he announced.

Roberto was furious, not only had he failed to capture or kill the imperial general, but a squad of his best men were dead. “I could open the air lock vaporise the Trust,” he said out loud in disgust.

“No!” Sweet-Cheeks argued back, “You can’t kill Scrotum,”

“Don’t push me, girl, I’m the captain, and a dangerous pirate, I can do what I like, and twenty of my best men were just gunned down!”

The comm came on, “Captian; I have to report a failure. I'm injured, heading for the medical bay. I suggest you power down the thrust’s main power if you want your brother alive.”

Sweet-Cheeks looked at Roberto, “You can do that?”

“It will take time, but yes, my computer should be able to hack in and power down the thrust,”

“And you were considering vaporising your own brother instead?” Sweet-Cheeks said suddenly not feeling quite so attracted to this man.

“I'm a pirate. My brother isn’t a consideration, but fine.” He pushed a button “computer power down the Thrust, take its weapons offline.”

Lilly was not happy with Knob again, “I told you to let him go. She replayed the recording, she had made, of the hunter, admitting killing the girl. “My Scrotum did nothing. These nasty pirates kidnapped him, and tortured him, all his hair fell out, and he was shot.”

“And may I remind you none of that would have happened if he had surrendered to me in the first place. Though I admit, now I know him better, I don’t think he could kill anyone without help.”

“That’s right,” Scrotum shouted not knowing what he was admitting to.

“But he did drop me from the ship,” Knob stated.

“I did did did that.” Lilly replied, “Apologies I seem to to … Oh god Oh god Oh GOD!!!” Lilly shouted, sounding like she was orgasming. Both Scrotum and Knob stood there looking at each other then looked back at the monitor. “I'm being violated!”

Written by rbo
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