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Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: chapter 16

"How is Scrotum going to get out of this mess, and will Lilly be ok?"

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Chapter 16 The final scream of the Mia.

Roberto smiled as he looked at the screen, his A.I. AR-K0N-X3 had infiltrated the L1’s program, as he knew it would, his Arkon was far superior, stolen from a battleship.

Sweet-Cheeks didn’t like this, Scrotum had saved her life, even if he was a useless, smelly man and there was no chance of her ever sleeping with him. Roberto wasn’t the nicest man she had ever met, though his massive penis and dirty imagination meant she wasn’t going anywhere.

Suddenly the Com switched on, “How dare you try to sneak in the back door without permission!” Lilly shouted over the Mia’s bridge.

“Maybe Akon would like this-this!”

Suddenly Arkon’s voice flooded the ship as he grunted and moaned. “See how you like you back door violated,” Lilly shouted and then giggled. “Oh, you like that don’t you!”

Roberto stood there not knowing what to say, and Sweet-Cheeks giggled, “That’s Lilly, you don’t want to cross her.”

Arkon suddenly let out a long groaning moan. “Good boy,” Lilly said sounding very domineering.

Roberto looked at the controls again, the Mia’s systems were going offline. “Arkon disconnect,” he ordered quickly.

“Not without my say, you bad man,” Lilly shouted back, “Arkon is my bitch now!”

“Get her out!” Roberto shouted at his crew, as the lights went out on the bridge.

“I prefer it in the dark,” Lilly said, then everyone started drifting of the floor, “Mmmm in Zero gravity, now this is fun isn’t my pet. Lilly said and giggled again.

Roberto was very surprised that a simple L1 AI had completely got control of AR-K0N-X3. He growled to himself. He wasn’t going to let her take over his ship.

“Activate the Plank! Get them off my ship and out of range.” He shouted over the com.

Murdock, who was holding on to the control panel, having not made it to the medical bay, selected all rather than organic. He teleported the thrust and Knobs ship off the Screaming Mia.

Scrotum suddenly found his ship in space. He had found it hilarious listening to Lilly attacking Arkon and annoying his brother. “Connection failed, sweety. And I was just starting to enjoy myself,” Lilly replied.

“They're powering up their weapons!” Knob shouted in alarm. He and Scrotum watched in horror while holding onto each other, as the Mia’s main cannon started glowing.

Scrotum closed his eyes, “Don’t you want to look at the fireworks Scrotie?” Lilly asked. “I left Arkon a little gift.”

Scrotum opened one eye and watched every gun port explode on the Mia. The ship started drifting, disabled and defenceless.

“He was a bad boy,” Lilly stated, “who knew putting a cage over his big gun would cause so much pain. Tee hee.”

Marvin was slowly making progress. He may have had to jettison his weapons, but his forcefields were holding, and his anti-gravity unit and thruster pack was allowing him to escape the pull of the sun. He wasn’t going to let a small thing like being transported into stars gravitational pull stop him from his prize.

He looked up and saw the Pirate ship covered in little explosions and smiled, “If the whorea is still alive, she will be easier to capture now,” he thought to himself. His smile faded as another explosion ruptured the pirate ship and a large chunk of the hull headed at him at speed. “Oh, crap!” He said as he watched the piece getting closer with each second.

Roberto and Sweet-Cheeks were running for the escape pods. The ship was shaking apart “I’m going to kill Scrotum! Twist his little head off, disembowelling him, and that’s just the start. ” Roberto shouted before falling over as the ship launched to the side.

Sweet-Cheeks grabbed his arm and pulled him up. “Maybe we should get off the Mia before you start plotting your brother's demise. She suggested. They ran down a corridor seeing the one handed Murdock running in the other direction.

Suddenly, Sweet-Cheeks and Roberto, fell backward as a pipe exploded and Murdock was incinerated in front of them. This time, Roberto grabbed Sweet-Cheeks and pulled her up. They kept hold of each other as they ran back down the corridor before the floor collapsed beneath them.

Both Roberto and Sweet-Cheeks got up, neither were hurt, but Roberto knew there was very little time before the Mia exploded. They ran down another corridor until they saw an open maintenance hatch. On the other side was the hunter's ship. They both clambered in shut the door. It was only a one-person craft. Roberto sat in the seat, with Sweet-Cheeks straddling him. He hit the detach button, then the launch controls and the small craft shot off the Mia. A few moments later Roberto's ship exploded with one last Scream.

Roberto would have cursed if sweet-Cheeks hadn’t latched her legs around his face, as they shot off, out of control, into deep space.

Scrotum watched in horror, as his brother's ship exploded. Knob clenched his fist in victory before he grabbed Scrotum's handcuffs dragging him to the spare room pushing him inside.

“And you can stay there,” he said as he locked the door sealing it with a magnetic deadbolt device.

Scrotum almost started crying, until Lilly piped up on the spare I-watch, which was on the table right in front of him. “Put me on my sexy Scrotie.”

Scrotum put on the watch, “I had Anna drop the spare in here before you came back on board.”

“Can you open the door, or get these handcuffs off?” Scrotum asked as he wiped his teary eyes.

“Negative to both, my sexy boy. Mmmm you in handcuffs, that makes me so horny. Knob as sealed the door and the handcuffs aren’t part of my system. I can tell you what knob is up to,” Lilly replied.

Scrotum wasn’t sure how that would help but decided it couldn’t hurt. “Sure what’s Knob the Knob up to?”

“Knob is exiting the ship. He is using your force field bands! How dare he use your stuff! He is heading out of the air lock heading back to his ship. He must have some equipment on board he needs.” Lilly explained.

“While he is off the Thrust can you engage the engines or the autopilot?” Scrotum asked.

“I’m sorry unless someone pushes my buttons I can’t start the engines. If only you had a way to get us back to your uncle's station, hint hint.” Lilly said with a giggle.

Scrotum's eyes opened wide, and a smile formed. He cleared his throat, “Pretty, pretty please, take me home,” he shouted.

Knob opened his ship's airlock. The engine was dead, and the shields and weapons were offline. But he could set up a distress signal. An Imperial ship would pick it up. Eventually, someone would pick him and his prisoner up. He looked back at the Thrust. Scrotum would end up in prison for a very very long time.

His smile disappeared as the Thrust’s engines powered up and the ship disappeared. Knob cursed and screamed throwing a tantrum. He couldn’t figure out how his prisoner escaped. He suddenly became quiet, as he saw a man with a thruster on his back, charging after the Thrust.

Written by rbo
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