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Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust chapter 3

"Who is this armed, sexy woman, and what does she want with Scrotum & What is a Whorea"

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Reader discretion advised.

The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to content of a sexual nature.

Chapter 3 Whorea’s and Whore’s

“First, you can call me Sweet-Cheeks,” the beautiful woman started to explain. Scrotum stared at her longingly. It had been an age since a beautiful foxy woman had been on his ship, without advanced payment.

“Second I’m a Whorea, a woman who is bread for sex.”

Scrotum nodded still unsure what that meant.

“Whorea’s are sets of identical twin sisters, sort of like clones, and we all share a link. When one of us dies, some memories, and feelings are transferred to their siblings as well as all the sexual energy. It can take a few hours, but I can already feel the effect since I am the last of six.”

She looked a Scrotum, suddenly feeling her body react to him. Clearing her throat she continued, "Because there were six of us, as the last of us, I am very valuable. Four of my sisters and I were to be, put to death on our seventeenth birthday, but we all escaped and went on the run. A bounty was placed on our heads, and a hunter was hired to kill and capture us. They chose well when they hired him. He has somehow found all five of my sisters killing each one of them, and now he will be looking for me. He will take me back, and I will be a sex slave for the royal household on Wanton until I die.” A tear ran down Sweet-Cheeks’s face as she finished her tale.

“So you are a whore?” Scrotum asked.

“No…geeezzz! I just explained what I am!” Sweet-Cheeks replied getting annoyed.

“Well, you sound like one, being bred for sex and all.” Scrotum stated matter of factly.

“I’m sorry I can’t help being born a Whorea!” Sweet-Cheeks argued back, her voice starting to raise a notch or two, {apparently anger is also transferred from the dead sisters to the living one. Imagine a woman on her period when her partner has forgotten her birthday, or who has just got rear-ended in her car, spilling her mocha onto her lap. I would not want to be that guy… I'm sorry my darling.}

“And what about this hunter? Sounds dangerous.”

“He is, and he was obviously here only a few hours ago.”

Eyes widening Scrotum suddenly felt very nervous. Even his erection started to droop, “Here?” he looked at the dead body again, “Oh fuck! Well, it’s been nice meeting you, but I think you should leave now.” He moved his arm in a sweeping gesture.

“You’re fucking kicking me out?”

“Well I don’t want any trouble, and this hunter sounds dangerous. People like me could end up dead or disemboweled or even impaled on a cactus when we get too close to danger.”

“But I have nowhere to go,” Sweet-Cheeks cried not believing what this man was saying.

“Wait a second…” Scrotum suddenly said as his mind suddenly thought of something and his erection returned, “Did you say you had the sexual appetite of six horny women?” as he moved closer hoping he was about to get lucky.

Sweet-Cheeks glared at him, “Yes I did, and I will need a release soon, but if you think I’m going to have sex with a cowardly little weasel like you, you have another thing coming!” Sweet-Cheeks growled before slapping Scrotum hard across the face.

Scrotum fell to the floor, stunned by the slap “Boy she hits hard,” he thought to himself. He slowly stood up, hand going to his stinging cheek, “Err… you can stay on my ship the next room has a bed we can sleep on…” Sweet-Cheeks glared at him raising her hand again, Scrotum flinched and backed away, “I mean you. You can sleep in the spare room. It’s the next doorway down the hall.

Sweet-Cheeks turned and stormed out, leaving Scrotum with the dead body, glancing down at it, he asked, “You wouldn’t hit me like that, would you?”

Sweet-Cheeks entered the room. She noticed the disco ball hanging down from the ceiling and the bed. “That creepy little tool!” she thought thinking of Scrotum, trying to keep her emotions in check, but she was losing it. She felt hot, and her breathing was increasing. “Fuck!” she shouted out loud. She knew she was in trouble.

The hunter could be close, and she could feel the sexual energy of her dead siblings entering her. If she orgasmed, the hunter might detect her. {The hunter has a device that detects sexual energy} She looked down at herself. She was rubbing between her legs. She bit her lip as the pleasure and urgings increased. The sexual feelings were too much. She quickly put a chair against the door and started taking her clothes off.

Scrotum went into the cockpit. If he was lucky, he might get a free shag out of this woman, maybe two. The ship was fully stocked if he left the station now she would be trapped here with him. “Lilly, ready the engines, we're going!”

“Yes my sexy captain,” Lilly responded.

Scrotum went through his departure checks mumbling to himself, “Food..check, fuel..check, gun working..check, condoms? … He opened a draw under his seat, in it was several rolls of toilet paper a cock ring and a packet of unopened condoms.” Scrotum grinned to himself nodding his head....“Check!”

A little alarm suddenly blipped on the dashboard. Scrotum hadn’t seen that one before, “Lilly what is that flashing light?”

“A powerful energy signature is being emitted from inside the ship.”

“Can you show me?” Scrotum asked and the monitor came on.

Scrotum sat there staring as he saw Sweet-Cheeks on the monitor plunging three fingers over and over again into her pussy while squeezing her breast with her other hand.

He frantically started unbuttoning his trousers and pulled them down. He watched her arch her back as her eyes rolled back. “Fuuuuuuuck!" She cried out, as he started to frantically stroke himself.”

“Suddenly the com came on, “This is General Knob of the Imperial defence force. Open up your ship immediately, or we will force our way in." Scrotum suddenly froze, hand on his cock “FUCK! I just can't get a break today!” he cried practically in tears.

Chapter 4 A Massive Knob.

{will the Knob get into the Thrust, or will the Scrotum get in the way, and what about the dead in the bed find out in the next chapter}

Written by rbo
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