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Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: chapter 5

"Well Scrotum and Sweet-cheeks better get out of there soon"

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Reader discretion advised.

The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to content of a sexual nature.

Chapter 5 Undignified Departure

Scrotum had a look in the cargo bay. Fortunately, there was no one there. He wandered over to the naked, blue woman portrait and pressed his hands on her breasts, opening the secret panel.

Inside was a note:

“Dear Scrotum, I have taken your guns for your protection. Since you shot your father, a delivery boy and your own foot, I have decided guns are not for you. I hope this decision doesn’t upset you, and by the way, if you are being shot at, I’m sorry. Find a pack of Chocolate dunky biscuits in the hidden panel in the kitchen.

Yours sincerely 

Your uncle Dom.”

Scrotum wasn't pleased, not only did he not have his guns, but he had no idea where the secret panel in the kitchen was. He shut the external Cargo bay door and locked it before thinking about Knob and the other guard. “Lilly, how are the departure checks coming?”

“I'm so hot, horny, and ready for you captain,” Lilly replied. “All checks completed. The ship ready to depart, except a Tractor beam holding us in place.”

“Can you override it, Lilly?” Scrotum hopefully asked.

“Negative sexy balls, would you like me to prepare the usual breakfast and a porno for us to enjoy?”

“Not today Lilly.” Scrotum replied wistfully. This would be the first morning he had missed breakfast since he got the ship, and his morning pleasuring would have to wait until they were on route to the Bosomy system “Lilly?”

“Yes, my pet?” Lilly replied in her dominatrix's voice.

Scrotum liked that voice. It always got him feeling horny. “Lilly, how can I get the ship out of the tractor beam?”

“The portable tractor unit will have to be shut down or destroyed. You could shoot it with the laser gun, hot stuff.”

Scrotum liked that idea he would get to fire his big gun and wouldn’t have to leave the ship, plus the sooner they were on the way the sooner he could get the porn on. “Lilly power up the laser cannon, I will be in the cockpit in just a moment. And can you use your dominatrix voice for the next few hours.”

“Is my slave asking questions of me?” Lilly replied. “Lazer cannon charging. Now get up here and push my buttons.”

Scrotum rushed out of the cargo bay but froze when he saw Knob. He had forgotten about him and the other guard again. “Shit… Lilly, what can I do about the guards?”

“You can put the knob and his friend in the air lock. I will flush them into space on route.” Lilly replied, sounding very masterful.

“Um, couldn’t we just open the door and push them out?” Scrotum asked not wanting to kill a general. He could already be in a lot of trouble.

“Mmmm very well. I will instruct the cleaning droid to put them in the airlock and drop them before we leave the station.” Lilly replied.

“Good.” Scrotum said, thinking his father would have killed them, but he had seen a body explode in space before, and it had given him nightmares for days.

Scrotum made his way towards the bridge. He stopped outside of the guest quarters and listened at the door. He heard Sweet-Cheeks, panting and moaning and felt his cock growing heard again. “Shoot the tractor emitter, drop Knob off, leave the station, then go to the toilet," he said, counting on his fingers as he headed to the cockpit.

Scrotum activated the gun control, looking around. The gun was on a swivel, giving him 360-degree firing capability. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what a tractor emitter looked like. He saw one of Knob’s guards standing by a large mechanical device and fired.

He laughed out loud, “Lilly get us out of here and drop Knob and his man.”

“Tractor beam still engaged, you have been a bad boy.”

“But I just shot it!” Scrotum cried as the two remaining guards opened fire on his ship.

The gun swung and pointed at the real tractor emitter. “That is the tractor emitter, shoot it, bad boy.”

Scrotum fired again, while his ship shook from the all the hits it was taking. Lilly took control of the ship turning quickly and leaving the station, dumping Knob and the other guard from a great height, before zooming off.

“Yea take that!” Scrotum shouted in glee. Before the comm came on. Scrotum expected it to be Knob’s men, but it was his uncle.

“You fucking, useless, idiotic, deadbeat! You destroyed my stock of Jovian brandy!”

“Jovian Brandy? What are you talking about Uncle? Even I know that’s illegal.”

Of course, it's illegal. I sell it for ninety credits a glass. There was a case of Jovian brandy hidden in that repair unit you just shot. Kari dropped it off for me yesterday. It was worth forty thousand credits. I've just paid for it! I'm taking it out of your allowance! It should only take you ten years to pay me back.” Dom shouted over the comm. “And you better not come back here for a while. Else I will personally sell that ship of yours for scrap!”

Scrotum stayed silent. He would have liked to see his sister again, but realised he had to wait for his uncle to calm down before he did or said something stupid again. He listened to his uncle swearing and calling him every name he could think of until Lilly interrupted “Message incoming, General knob wishes a word.”

“Sorry uncle this is an emergency,” He quickly muttered as he cut his uncle off and put Knob on.

Knob wasn’t in a much better mood than his uncle. Swearing at him and promising a ship would shoot him on site if he didn’t surrender and return at once.

Scrotum thought about it, go back and face Knob’s and his uncle or a life on the run with a horny whorea who needed to have lots of sex. (which would you chose)

Scrotum wanted to hit knob with a witty reply but couldn’t think of anything, so he just switched off the comm. “Lilly?”

“Yes, my pet,” Lilly replied still in dominatrix mode.

Ignore all incoming communication for the next two hours. Alert me if anything important happens and stay on course for the Bosomy system. I will be in the toilet.

Chapter 6, The Hunter

Ooooo, next time you find out who Sweet-cheeks is running from. (he's a bad man) 

Written by rbo
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