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Captain Scrotum and the SS thrust: Chapter 8

"lost in an asteroid field, in a damaged ship, what else can go wrong."

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Chapter 8 Asto-Annoyed

Scrotum was screaming and wheezing, he had dropped his inhaler and was trying to avoid hundreds of rocks. Lilly swung the ship to the left pitched it slightly and looped over a giant asteroid, but Scrotum was turning blue, “Help me,” he wheezed. 

Sweet cheeks saw the inhaler and went to grab it as the ship lurched forward avoiding another collision. Sweet-Cheeks sprawled on the floor desperately trying to catch the sliding inhaler, but it was just out of her reach. She rolled to the left the inhaler going right past her as Lilly swung the ship around another giant rock. “Deflectors at 86% my sexy captain, we will be alright as long as an asteroid larger than your head doesn’t hit the ship.”

Suddenly an asteroid larger than scrotums head hit the ship, sending it into a spin. Sweet-Cheeks was suddenly floating the inhaler at her fingertips. Scrotum would have screamed if he had any breath available. 

Lilly tried to steady the ship, Defec…er down to 18% voice commands off off offline, left engine fuel jettisoned, atemmmmptign to bypass affected areas. Oh god, I don’t want to die, please Scrotie save me I need you to Rodger me hard later.”

Scrotum did manage a quiet, high-pitched squeak as he closed his eyes, but Sweet-Cheeks and grabbed the monitor with the radar, “Lilly there's a large mass ahead of us,” she looked at the view screen it was a massive asteroid. “Can you land on it.”

“Yes sex, sex, sexy girl. Although there is a 75% chance I’m lying to you, to make you feel better-er.”

Scrotum wheezed and Sweet-Cheeks screamed as Lilly took the ship into a barrel role, they felt the small rocks striking the hull as Lilly tried to activate the landing gear. “Landing gear off offline, deploying the anchor. A panel at the bottom of the ship opened, and a large spike shot from the ship connected to a solid metal chain. The Anchor embedded its self in the giant asteroid. Lilly activated the winch, and the ship was pulled onto the rock landing with a jolt.

As soon as they touched down, Sweet-Cheeks fell on to scrotum, her head in his lap her thighs instinctively wrapping around his face. Scrotum smiled and wheezed as he tried to breathe again, sniffing Sweet-Cheeks sent. She, however, was desperately trying to get up, without touching scrotum any more than she ha too, having smelt Scrotum's, scrotum. She had decided no matter how horny she was feeling she didn’t want her face anywhere near that.

“Oh, My GOD!!! Scrotum please, we may have to have sex, please take a shower.” Sweet-Cheeks pleaded as she passed him the inhaler.

“I will have one right now!” Scrotum said jumping up, before using the inhaler, helping him to breathe.

“I’mm sorry,” Lilly said, “Showers offline, water tank ruptured by asteroids. Life support at 50% it's going to get warm and sweaty in here tee hee.”

Scrotum sat down again. He didn’t mind getting hot and sweaty with Sweet-Cheeks, but running out of air and water could be a problem. “Lilly?”

“Yes my, my, my sexy man. Error L11LY going offline backup modules failed.” And with that, the lights went out, and the ship went silent.

Written by rbo
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