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My Buddy Dr. Radio

"A true story."

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My longtime buddy called Dr. Radio has been gone for about twenty years, but the stories he related to me about his experiences will live on for as long as I do.

He was a tall, well-built, good looking son-of-a-gun that was always well dressed and barbered. He had a promising career in radio, but it was cut short after a long battle with the program director. He was blackballed by that station and was unable to find work in his chosen field.

Thankfully he held an associate degree in chemical engineering and found a lucrative position at a well-known chemical plant. He used his knowledge of music and programming and became one of the first people to start their own mobile DJ company. His skill at selecting and mixing records won him acclaim and notoriety and he was signed by one of the major hotels to provide music for their lounge.

"Lucky in business but unlucky at love," he often said.

That was only a partial truth. He attracted and dated some of the prettiest ladies I had ever seen, they just never stayed around long once he confessed he had no desire to get married immediately, so he was always of the lookout for another lover. 

The Story: So here he is at the counter of a well known 24-hour restaurant. The lunch crowd was just ending, but all the tables were still full of diners. So he took a seat at the counter and began talking with a large older female sitting next to him as they ate. He told her about his business and she shook her head.

"My daughter you should meet," she responded in a thick Jewish accent. "She is single and really good looking and I think you two would hit it off.

"But I'm not Jewish," my friend replied.

"No one's perfect," she replied with a smile.

She was about to add to her statement when her eyes glance out the window.

"You're in luck, here she comes now," she continued.

Dr. Radio looked up and saw a late model Caddilac pull into a parking space upfront and a smaller version of the woman seated next to him exited the vehicle and enter the restaurant. She waved at the woman next to my buddy and headed to the restrooms.

"Well so much for being good looking," he said to himself.

"I'd love to date your daughter, unfortunately, I'm married," he lied as she approached the counter and gave the older woman a kiss on the cheek before taking a seat on the woman's right side.

"Such a pity cause here is my little girl now," she announced.

My buddy swiveled his head again in time to see a gorgeous slender creature with a killer figure and long dark hair enter the restaurant and head toward the counter. She kissed the older female and then turned to look at Dr. Radio and gave him a warm smile.

"Talia, this is the most polite, successful, nicest, and handsome gentiles I have ever met, unfortunately, he is married.

"That is a shame," she replied making a pouty face.

My buddy thought of adding that he and his fictitious wife were going through a rough patch and there had been talk of divorce but decided against adding to his lie. He made his bed and now he had to lay in it.

Later when he related the story to me he ended it with his regular tagline. Lucky in business but unlucky at love.

"I hope this taught you something," I stated.

"It did, Now I keep my big mouth shut until I have all the facts," he replied.

RIP, Dr. Radio. You are missed.



Written by The_Count
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