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Conversation Stories


My Buddy Dr. Radio

A true story.

My longtime buddy called Dr. Radio has been gone for about twenty years, but the stories he related to me about his experiences will live on for as long as I do. He was a tall, well-built, good looking son-of-a-gun that was always well dressed and barbere...

From Maya Angelou to BABYMETAL

I wrote and I wrote and it evolved into this.

I remember when I first read a Maya Angelou poem. I was literally awestruck. I was in high school and we were studying poetry in English class. We studied Norman MacCaig, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and few others. Maya Angelou wasn’t one of them...

From Morning Songs: Sitting Here With Immortal Poets

Sitting with Keats, Whitman and Shakespeare chatting about their poetry and lives

Sitting here this morning with my second cup of coffee, looking at the empty chair across from me, wondering what I’d say if suddenly John Keats was there or Whitman with his broad rimmed hat or Shakespeare (would I call him Will?) and so somehow in the w...


Written for a 100 words or fewer competition then realised it was ineligible! GAH! Enjoy anyways!

‘Excuse me?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Where are your baby car-seats?’ ‘Just over here.’ … ……… ‘Here, so as you can see, this is the newer product with all the latest feat-‘ ‘What about this one?’ ‘That is an older model, cheaper, it doesn’t ha-‘ ‘It looks pretty solid tho...